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When it comes to our jobs, we could all use some solid advice from time to time. From how to “pick the right job” to tips that can help you excel in what you do for a living. That being said, Adzuna gathered our all-time best advice that’ll help you advance your career. Here are five lesser-known tricks that can help you climb the ladder of success, regardless of which position you’re currently in!

#1 – Think about your career

If you want to advance your career, it’s essential to do a little analysis of where you are and what you’re doing every year or two. Reconnect with contacts in your network, see if there are any new and exciting opportunities on offer, and do some research on the salaries other professionals like yourself are earning.

Hard facts and data will help you make smarter decisions. If you feel scared to explore your options, it’s a hint that you’re moving in the right direction. Fear helps you grow out of your comfort zone, and once you make that move, the sky is the limit.

#2 – Speak up

If you have something on your mind in a meeting, don’t be afraid to say it. When it comes to getting your ideas across, never underestimate the power of face time and in-person communication.

#3 – See criticism as a gift

Use criticism (or feedback) as a means to help you improve yourself and what you bring to the table. The person or method of delivery might catch you off guard but try not to take it personally. Take the nuggets of wisdom on offer and move on from there.

#4 – Always dress the part

You’ve heard this one a thousand times before. “Dress for the job you want, not the one you’ve got.” But the message actually goes beyond just your office wear. It’s about the way you present yourself in meetings and at office events. It is about how you interact with your co-workers and how seriously you take your job.

#5 – Get yourself a mentor

Having a mentor is very valuable, especially if it’s someone within your company. This person can help identify opportunities to help you advance your career. They can also guide you through challenging projects and help you build relationships with more senior employees. If your mentor is influential, they can earn you some recommendations for projects or teams that you might not otherwise have been considered for. All of these factors can help pave your way for success and career advancement!

Final Thoughts

We’ve provided you with five powerful yet simple tips that can help you advance your career if you’re set on climbing the ladder of success within your company. If you’re not going anywhere in the job you currently have, you can always start checking out career opportunities that provide room for growth. Adzuna, and online job aggregator, lists all the jobs in one place, you don’t have to hop back and forth between numerous job boards to find something that matches your skills and qualifications!

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