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How To Track Baby’s Feeds, Sleeps and Nappies

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There are many ways to track your baby’s daily essentials. You may prefer to use a baby tracker App, note book or just printed out notes. Either way, here is what you need to be tracking.

How to track your baby’s feeds

If you are breastfeeding, track the time you commence breastfeeding, the duration your baby fed on each breast.

For bottle feeds, track the time you started the feed and the amount of milk your baby drank.

Once your baby transitions to solids, you can note down the time, what your baby ate (e.g., sweet potatoes) and portion size (e.g., one ice cube, or 1 tablespoon). It is also a good idea to jot down if he ate ‘all, most or some.’ So that you can see what your little one likes!


You will be able to pick up your baby’s feeding patterns and then from there build a routine. Also, if your baby has any weight issues or health concerns a record of your baby’s feeding schedule will be required by your paediatrician. By referring to the feeding record your paediatrician can begin to understand why and support you to address the situation.

How to track your baby’s sleep

Write down the time your baby went to sleep, and when he woke up, or the duration of the nap.

Importantly, write down the time your baby goes down for the evening and wakes up in the morning to start the day. Knowing your little one’s bedtime will enable you to set down bedtime at the same time each night.


You will pick up your baby’s sleep patterns and notice your baby’s routine developing. By noting your little one’s sleep, you can also start to pick up if your baby is going through a growth spurt or getting sick, etc.

Knowing your little one’s bedtime will enable you to set down bedtime at the same time each night. Establishing a bedtime is often the first step in building a healthy, flexible sleep routine.

How to track your baby’s nappies

Tick off when your baby has a wet or a dirty diaper. You may also make comments on consistency or colour if relevant, or if you have any concerns.


Through this, you will pick up whether your little one is feeding enough. Generally, a newborn will have about 6 wet diapers a day. If your baby has no wet nappies, this is a concern, and you should contact your doctor.

Who should track your baby’s daily routine?

First and foremost, as a mom you will be the one spending the most time with your newborn baby. Therefore, it is essential that you are comfortable with the baby tracker method you will use. Ultimately, everyone who cares for your little one should track. Including both parents and caregivers.

As your baby grows and you start leaving your baby with granny or a nanny, you can also ask them to note down your baby’s day in the baby tracker. In this way, you will have a one snapshot view of your baby’s day while you were away.

Track your little one’s special moments and milestones

Whichever baby tracker method you use, ensure you have space to capture special moments. That first outing, first smile, or the first nappy blow out on to your clothes (yep, it’s a THING). Although having a newborn is tough, it is also incredibly rewarding. These moments are priceless.

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