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How To Prepare For Your Caesarean Birth

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Preparing for a Caesarean birth is a simple, but needed, process. As with a natural birth, there are a few simple tick boxes you will need to have in place for preparation of the arrival of your baby. Read on below now to get the gist of what to consider when leading up to your C-section. 

The List Of Preparation Tasks For Your Caesarean

  1. Who Will Be With You?
    Consider whom you would like to accompany you into the delivery room before your surgery. Make a list of the people, or person, who you’d like by your side, and make the hospital staff aware of your choice.
  2. Do You Want Music?
    some moms like to listen to a little music before the birth of their baby. If you would like that, consult with your doctor to see if this would be allowed. If you re given the green light, start compiling a play list to help you through your delivery!
  3. Do You Want A Camera?
    ask your midwife if you will be allowed to bring in a camera into the delivery room. If you will be, ensure you designate someone as your photographer.
  4. Where Would You Prefer The Screen Placement?
    if you would like to see the birth of your baby, be sure to ask the doctor to lower the screen upon delivery. Also, if you would prefer no screen, be sure to ask for that pre-surgery as well.
  5. How would You Like Delivery To Occur?
    be sure before you go into your operating room that the staff are aware of your delivery requirements. Would you like silence during the birth so that the first voice your baby hears is your own? How soon post-delivery would you like skin to skin contact with your baby? Be sure to stipulate all of your requirements clearly with your delivery team to avoid disappointment!
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