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How To Make Messy Eating Easier With The Twistshake Mini Click Mat

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Messy eating is a hugely important part of the developmental phase for all children. However, it can also be slightly harrowing on mom and dad. This is where the Twistshake Mini click Mat comes in! This ingenious meal time addition will not only help your baby still get the pleasures out of self-feeding, but also make mess minimal for you as the parent. Read on to find out more about why your baby needs to make a mess whilst eating, and how the Twistshake Mini Click Mat will make things easier. 

Why You Should Celebrate Messy Eating From Your Little One

Meal times can often leave parents in states of shock when they see the aftermath. However, did you know that this is crucial to your baby’s development? Here are the top reasons why self-feeding is important to your little one:

A Healthy Relationship With Food Is Born

By allowing your child the pleasures of feeling their food, they will begin to experience the joy that food can bring. By being allowed to squish their pumpkin through their fingers, they will fine tune the art to enjoying their food. This enjoyment, is accompaniment with them discovering new flavours they like, and allowing them to eat their own chosen amount at their own pace, leads to a healthy relationship with food.

Quantity And Speed Is Important

As previously mentioned in the point above, giving your baby the freedom to determine how much to eat, and what speed they’re comfortable eating it at, can really help them shape healthy eating habits. This point has some of the most incredible benefits for your baby. By allowing them to stop eating once full, you are helping decrease their likelihood of developing dangerous health problems such as obesity or eating disorders at a later stage. 

Picky Eating Is Avoided

By instilling the enjoyment of eating into your baby from a young age, you are also opening the doors to them trying more foods. They will be curious to experience the textures, tastes and smells of different things, thus broadening their pallet and not restricting it to certain flavours. 

How The Twistshake Click Mat Will Alleviate Some Of Your Mess Stress

While self-feeding is hugely beneficial to your baby, the mess left behind can leave a parent’s nerves on edge. This is where the Twistshake Mini Click Mat comes in. This incredible product secures itself to your table surface, and the click mechanism allows you to click Twistshake plates and bowls onto its surface. This minimalizes the surface area of mess your baby will make. Gone are the days of bowls being flung to the floor! Thanks to this product, your little one will still get the pleasures of self-feeding, but in a controlled area, making mess less for you in the long run. 

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