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How to job hunt via social media

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By now, you probably know all about how your LinkedIn profile can work for or against you when it comes to job hunting. But even though we refer to it as “social media”, your Facebook profile can also help improve your career prospects. 

If you’re keen on making lasting connections with like-minded professionals in your industry, finding new opportunities, or promoting yourself to a “guru” in your field, here’s some much-needed advice!

Job hunt via social media using these tactics!

Always keep things fresh and updated

Just like ensuring your CV stays up to date, all your online profiles need to be kept up to date too. If they all say different things and look uncoordinated, it’ll make you look disorganised. Every online profile needs a professional-looking profile photo too. You want your profile pic to send out the right signals about you, so that photo where you had one too many at the family get together simply won’t cut it. There’s no excuse for having an off-putting profile picture. Unless you’re not worried about scaring away potential employers or possible new connections. 

Show off your skills

Go ahead and highlight your skills and achievements. If you’re set on perfecting the art of social media job hunting, you need to ensure that your profiles are relevant and engaging. Old stories and clichés will only damage your efforts. 

Blog about it

If you’ve got something interesting to say, why not put some fresh content out there in the form of a blog from a personal website? Keep the content relevant to your field of expertise and focus on reader interests. Who knows? Your blog post might just act as an advert to show potential employers you know what you’re talking about. You might even get your foot in the door for a position that hasn’t even been advertised yet. 

Build connections

LinkedIn is the most prominent social media channel to use for finding a new job. But it doesn’t have to stop at there. Link to your other social media profiles and websites from your LinkedIn profile to start attracting like-minded readers and generate interest from potential employers. If you’re aiming to get involved in a particular industry, reach out to influencers in that field and try to connect with them. 

Get back in the Twitter game

It might feel like Twitter is a little outdated. But it is still one of the best ways to connect with others and instigate conversations. Start by following the companies you’d like to work for. Make sure you keep an eye out for Tweets regarding upcoming opportunities. You can also do a keyword search to find out if anyone is looking to hire. Businesses often advertise their offers on Twitter. 

Final thoughts

Job hunting via social media can be one of the most effective ways to pave your way to career success. But it requires some planning and a killer online presence. While you wait for your network to grow and opportunities to surface, you can also browse through Adzuna’s listings. The online job aggregator advertises all the online vacancies in one place, eliminating the need to hop back and forth between one website and the other!

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