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How to Avoid Toddler Tantrums

  • Sharon Atkins
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You’ve all seen other toddlers performing, screaming, lying on the floor and causing a scene in the shop or restaurant. You used to shake your head and wonder why the parents couldn’t control their child. Now, you are the parent and when your toddler is performing you either want to walk away, pretend you don’t know them or grab them and run out of the establishment.

There are normally reasons for the meltdown so be prepared and plan your trips. Try and prevent the temper tantrum from happening by being aware and taking note of the following:

Keep them updated.Tell your toddlers your plans and the activities for the day so that they can be prepared and now what to expect. By doing this, they will not be surprised and stressed in an unknown and new environment. Also, why shouldn’t they know and be aware of the plans for the day!

Food glorious food.  We all know that hungry toddlers are impatient and unpredictable. Either feed them before you go out or always carry around healthy snack options with you. Snacks will keep your toddler busy and also tide them over until the next meal. Take snacks that are easy to clean up if spilled as this will probably be inevitable. Peanuts and raisins or small pieces of fresh or dried fruit are a good idea.

Tired toddlers.Life is busy and it is often very stimulating when you go out. Try and plan ahead so when you do go out the toddler is well rested. If you do need to go out at other times, let them sleep in the car on the way or make the visit short and not too busy.

Rewards and Incentives.If you have a tricky toddler then let them know that after the event, if they behave, you can do something fun with them or they can have a treat. This does not have to involve screen time or sweets but could be something simple like a bike ride or a visit to the park. The anticipation will hopefully give them the motivation to see them through the visit or trip. Toddlers get bored easily so keep things for them to do in the car and in your bag as distractions. These could be toys, books or in the car, C.D.’s with stories or music to sing along to.

Hopefully these suggestions will help and prevent the toddler tantrum and make the experience an enjoyable one for all. If not, then don’t forget to breathe, stay calm and know that this stage will pass and make way for the next.


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