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Not Just A Family Portrait – How Family Photos Help Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

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As a parent, you’ve probably asked yourself on more than one occasion how you can help your child with their sense of identity in the world. In all the research and brainstorming you may have done, almost certainly, photography wasn’t on your list. 

In today’s modern world, our children are faced with all types of pressure. With different media influences and peer pressure – they always feel a need to look and act a certain way to validate their place in society. With academics, discovering themselves and creating a life routine, they can use a little help from mom and dad. 

So how does family photography help with boosting your child’s self-esteem? 

Here are 3 hidden but powerful aspects of family photography that help with your child’s self-esteem. 

It provides a sense of belonging. 

A family photoshoot tells your child that they are loved and cared for – it makes them feel important and the bonding time reiterates your love for them. They feel like they are part of something special and they’re contributors to it. 

They formulate an idea of love. 

During aphotoshoot, physical touch is the name of the game. From parents posing like it’s their matric dance, to moms giving their teenagers embarrassing kisses on the cheek – children see and feed off the love and affection shown during the shoot. 

Memories for adulthood 

According to Dr David Krauss, psychologist, PHD, Ohio, it is important for children to see a family portrait every day as they grow into their teenage years and eventually adulthood. Children need to see their family as a family unit, how they’re a valued and and how they’re an important part of that unit. This helps with their external relationships as it creates a benchmark for how they should be loved and treated. 

Not only will you be getting amazing family images to put up around the house, but you’ll also be moulding your child into an emotionally independent human being from your family photoshoot.

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