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Home Office: How to up your productivity levels

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South Africa’s economic climate, along with the global health pandemic, has forced many of us to work from home. Luckily, most of us have the technology we need to get our jobs done in the safety and comfort of our own homes. But besides the tech you’re already using, what else can you equip your home office with to make it easier to work remotely?

Join Adzuna as we explore some of the best tech tips, tricks, and hacks that can help increase your productivity levels and make it a little more fun to work from home!

#1 – Explore Apps in Depth

You’ve likely been using Slack if you have a home office. But aside from streamlining text-based communication, many of us don’t use it for much else. Did you know that Slack is great for online meetings? When you set up a video call with the app, you can easily switch between chats and video calls while the chat window stays open for easy note-taking. It also has an excellent screen share function that can help minimize misunderstandings.

#2 – Create Insightful Training Videos

Loom is a great app for building how-to, training, and FAQ videos. Tools like these are lifesavers in a time like this when in-person training sessions are nearly impossible. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Loom made their tech much more accessible. You can now do much more with the free version, and the reduced package prices are much more attractive than they were two years ago. As a bonus, they also offer free functionality for anyone working in the education sector!

#3 – Get Your To-Dos Done

Asana is a wizard of tools that easily integrates with Google Suite to boost productivity further. In the tool’s free version, you can integrate with Google Calendar to stay on track of everything you need to get done. Obviously, the premium version of Asana is much more resourceful, but for helping you ensure you get the basics done, this tool comes highly recommended!

#4 – Brainstorm Like a Boss

PinItToMe is an excellent digital post-it board that provides teams with the perfect environment to collaborate. It’s also free, which just makes it that much better. All team members can drag and drop post-its across the virtual corkboard, and it’s ideal for scheduling, retro meeting, and pretty much any other team-oriented activity. Once you’re done for the day, simply save the corkboard’s unique URL and revisit it whenever necessary!

#5 – Create a Central Focus Point

If you’ve been using a plethora of accounts, apps, and workflows, we feel you. The frustration is real. But so is Shift. This desktop app streamlines all your accounts. Shift’s logical approach just makes managing everything in the home office a little easier. The tool lets you toddle between multiple Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365 accounts with ease. It also connects all your email accounts, your favourite web apps, and tools, and then gives you the option to customise your workstation.

In Conclusion

The home office setup isn’t for everyone. You might even miss the traditional office setup. But when the need calls for it, the tips and tricks we’ve mentioned here today will help you be as productive as possible when working from home!

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