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Home Education is a valid and trusted alternative for your child’s education, through Brainline

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Many leaners are being swallowed by the current school system. They are suffering due to the pressures of a full workload and failure to receive sufficient individual attention, resulting in them not being able to reach their full potential. There is also a lot of pressure on learners to take part and excel in extracurricular activities, of which the options may be limited to the offerings by the school. . At the same time, parents are confronted with the constant fear over the safety of their child in a school environment and the possibility of bullying. 

In the past, home education has suffered due to negative perceptions such as images of a mother giving lessons at home to her very lonely child sitting at a small table, devoid from interaction with his or her peers. This is absolutely not true.

‘The 21st century has paved the way for an alternative form of education that is built on the latest technology and offers a refreshing new option to learners of the digital age,’ explains Coleen Cronje, CEO of Brainline.

Brainline has been providing structures home education on a distance education model, to thousands of learners since 1987. This format of education has seen a massive increase over the last few years in South Africa. At the end of 2018 there were an estimated 100,000 home education learners in the country.

‘Several factors have driven the growth of home education as an alternative option, ranging from increasingly sophisticated distance e-learning technology to an ever-growing network of tutors. Because it’s based on individual needs, home education can provide a safe space for children who may have find the traditional schooling environment challenging,’ says Cronje.

Brainline Characteristics

  • Trusted leader in home education
  • Global home education provider for learners in over 30 countries
  • Exceptional academic standards through our IEB-aligned curriculum and compliant assessments
  • Guided and technology rich academic journey for parents and learners
  • Our qualified teachers give content rich classes and valuable feedback
  • Valid academic reports at the end of each term to ultimately lead to successful completion of matric

Liezel Bruwer, a mentor at Brainline, says they are also providing constant support to learners and their families who are facing challenges such as autism, depression and anxiety.

‘The Brainline programme offers opportunities to learners and their families to custom make a curriculum that speaks to their own individual needs. If students are suffering from ADHD, depression, anxiety or similar problems, we can assist them to adapt their exam schedules to ensure a safe learning environment for them.’

 The Advantages of Home Schooling

  • Learners work according to their own pace
  • More flexible schedules
  • Peer pressure, bullying and  competitiveness are something of the past
  • One-on-one education makes room for more focussed learning
  • Take control of your child’s education in a safe environment
  • Be part of your child’s learning journey
  • Opportunity to nurture your child’s talent
  • Provides the flexibility to study from anywhere in the world
  • Encourages self-motivation, dedication and responsibility.
  • Maximises the chances for academic success.
  • Develops skills for lifelong learning.
  • Allows for intimate parent-child relationships.
  • Offers the opportunity to nurture passions and talents.
  • Affords the freedom to socialise.

Homeschooling is ideal for learners who: 

  • have barriers to learning,
  • prefer faster-paced learning,
  • have to attend international sporting events,
  • have parents that need to travel internationally,
  • wish to improve their grades,
  • want to take control of their studies, or
  • need religious flexibility

A word from our families

‘My work schedule demanded that my family relocate on a regular basis but with Brainline my daughter could acquire her IEB-senior certificate and she’s now studying for her LLB-degree. My son, who suffers from ADHD, is now busy with his 5th consecutive year at Brainline and we will never regret our decision.’ – Gerald Randall (Parent)

‘My daughter struggled to adapt to the mainstream schooling system after which we decided to join Brainline. Brainline and her tutor centrum gave her a second chance. My son has also recently joined Brainline and he’s doing really well.’ – Anali Bisogno (Parent)

We struggled to fit into a normal school environment because of my daughter’s hearing disability. My daughter, Ashley, was born with a hearing defect and she struggled to keep up with other learners. Brainline changed her life because she can now work according to her own pace.’ – Tania Cambell (Parent)

Take control of your child’s education in a safe environment and live the dream with Brainline

Visit for more information.

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