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We’ve been cooking up scrummy, nutritious baby and toddler meals and snacks since 1992

It may seem like common sense to us today, but making sure little ones ate a varied diet, full of texture and taste from real fruit and veggies, was a much less talked about idea back then, when our healthy-eating campaigner Lizzie Vann founded Organix. After searching in vain for healthy organic baby and toddler food she decided to make her own and this was how Organix was born.

When we make our foods, we think about little ones growing up to be healthy, independent food explorers. We also set our own standards based in our experience in children’s nutrition, from what goes in the food, to the portion sizes we recommend, so everything is just right for little ones as they grow and develop.  

Our No Junk Promise is our stamp of reassurance that you will always find on all our foods – 

Ø  Always Organic – We promise to only use organic ingredients.

Ø  Nothing unnecessary – We promise to only use recognisable ingredients that serve a purpose.

Ø  Setting Standards – We promise to set the best standard in what good food for children should be.

Now Available in SA – Organix Just Pouches (suitable from 6 months – 36 months)

Our Pouches are a convenient way for babies to explore food on the go – just simple combinations of fruits and grains for a fun taste adventure! When little tums are filled with tasty food you can trust, that’s when the wonder starts.

Available in these New delicious flavours:

Ø  Just Apple, Pineapple & Coconut 

Ø  Just Apple, Sweet Potato & Pineapple 

Ø  Just Mango, Pear & Granola 

Ø  Just Oat, Apple, Banana, Raspberry & Blueberry 

Ø  Just Apple, Strawberry & Quinoa 

Ø  Just Oat, Apricot & Banana 

RSP: R32, 49 Each

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