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Healthy skin tips for your little one

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Glossy magazines keep us well-informed on keeping adult skin moisturised, cared for and looking beautiful. When it comes to our children, especially babies, looking after their skin is just as vital, if not more important.

“When our children enter this world, we are armed with equipment that took much care and consideration to select. The same care and consideration needs to be taken for your child’s skincare products,” says Su-Marie Annandale, Krayons’ brand manager.

Krayons’ baby skin care products have been providing South African babies and children with the necessary products to keep their skin protected for over 20 years. “Healthy baby skin is just as important to Krayons as it is for parents,” says Annandale.

When bringing your little one home from the hospital, and even as they grow, Annandale provides 5 tips on how to keep your baby’s skin healthy:

  1. Although babies love playing in the bath, and splashing about – limiting the time they spend in the bath can help keep their skin from drying out. Make every second or third day “fun” bath time, and the others can be short washes.
  2. After bath time, keep your little one moisturised. Using Krayons’ Aqueous Cream after every wash accompanied by a soft and gentle baby massage will give your little one’s skin all it needs to be kept moisturised throughout the day.
  3. It is recommended that you wash your baby’s new clothes and linen before use, but be sure to use a gentle fabric conditioner that will ensure that baby’s clothes are soft and won’t cause any skin irritations. Personal Touch boasts a Baby love variant which boasts the Krayons scent. It is soft and delicate, just like your baby’s skin.
  4. The weather outside dictates how your baby should be dressed to keep them comfortable and also to protect their skin, but no matter if it is hot or cold your baby needs to be protected from the sun. Your baby’s skin is too sensitive to be exposed to the harsh sun and needs to be kept covered.

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