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Grade R – 12 textbooks and teacher’s guides

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Optimi Publishing provides lesson material and books to over 150 schools. Here’s how Optimi Publishing can help you save time and money.

Our books include the outcomes for each lesson.

Our teacher’s guides include the annual planning for the year.

Our assessments have already been moderated and can be used as is.

Our lesson material allows learners to complete the work in their workbooks, saving money on printing costs and buying extra workbooks.

Optimi books
for Grades R to 12

Optimi Publishing develops lesson material for the Optimi Group including study guides, workbooks, and additional aids, with thorough teacher’s guides to facilitate learning. Our range of books are suitable for use in school or at home and covers a wide range of CAPS-aligned subject content for the Foundation-, Intermediate-, and Senior Phases, as well as further education.


Over the years, we have refined our development processes and learned what works best for our learners. Our benchmark study- and teacher’s guides are based on the latest insights from the learning sciences. A team of education specialists, teachers, moderators, editors, and designers ensures that every aspect of the learning journey is considered.

Our material provides learners and teachers with individualised guidance and empowers them to achieve their learning goals.

What makes our books unique?

  • Year plans to guide and track individualised learning, which allow learners to work at their own pace
  • Easy-to-each daily lessons for the whole year, with easy navigation through lessons
  • Comprehensive explanations of concepts in simple language
  • Strategic use of colour, pictures, and graphs to reduce cognitive load
  • Relevant content with real-life examples
  • Learning activities are aimed at making progress visible and mastering content
  • Interactive and practical activities that make use of everyday objects to help learners master concepts
  • Exercises to test learners’ knowledge application and reasoning
  • Activities during and at the end of each lesson to prompt reflection and recall
  • Activity types are mixed to include both recent and older subject matter
  • Language subjects include texts for comprehension exercises, speeches, and reading
  • The teacher’s guides for Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy include step-by-step calculations and answers

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