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Good Parenting Boosts Happiness

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I have worked with children my entire life up to this point in time.  I have raised four children, and at present, have seven grandchildren, I was a children’s librarian, worked at a day care facility, pre-schools, private school system, and many years at public school systems.  I have a dual certification in special education and elementary education.  I have been a witness to the upsets and stresses placed on our children.  When so many children are hurting, it is time to ask ourselves why?  Speaking for the children is important to me.

Many educational books have been written.  Many parenting books have been written.  All of these books that give excellent advice have been ignored, because things are worse, not better. Words have not reached or penetrated anyone because the problems keep increasing. It is time to look at this dilemma with new eyes. We can’t fix it with the old way of thinking.  Our challenge as parents is to look at the facts.  The facts do not lie.

Witnessing what is missing in our homes might promote an aggressive attempt at a new approach.  It is essential that parents be included in this new endeavour.  For too long society has left out these key ingredients: mother and father.

Success comes from the love and nurturing at home.  Teachers can’t teach without parental support. Society can’t reteach or rehabilitate broken children easily, or possibly ever, without parental involvement. Against all odds, some children grow up in poor circumstances but rise to become superstars. T he difference in their home environments was love, encouragement, and support from their parents, or another caring adult.

The power of love has been greatly underestimated.  Although we all love our children, demonstrating this with hard work is paramount. This means placing our children’s needs first, constant watchfulness, and guiding them with integrity and righteousness.

Minds will be open to an alternative way of thinking and solving our academic problems.  Functional problems at home result in most of the academic and behavioural problems at school.  I am devastated and diminished from the hurts and emotional scars children endure daily I hope to reach parents, administrators, and authorities on an emotional level, by sharing my own experiences, and those of others.  Stopping the unconscious mistreatment of children is my goal.  By stopping some harmful choices we make, children improve emotionally and academically.  It certainly is worth the determination for all of us to make an effort.

We all make mistakes, but not all of us admit it to ourselves.  We can all improve, but not all of us will attempt to correct what is wrong.  Telling someone to improve, or encouraging someone to make progress does not usually work if that person cannot believe or see they are deficient.

Most people worry about their own sense of importance. We constantly compare ourselves to others and fall short by our standards.  I think it is because we are measuring the wrong things. Parenting has taken a back seat the length of a mile.  It is not even considered something we should contemplate. Good Loving parenting promotes huge feelings of success.  Parenting is fulfilling rewarding and happiness producing. It is a worthy goal to accomplish and the highest goal any of us can ever achieve.  Again I say “don’t ask yourself if you are happy, instead ask yourself if your life has meaning and if you are a parent It most definitely does have tremendous meaning.

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  • Cassandra Cave August 26, 2015 at 12:25 am

    I love this article. Its beautiful. Now days it seems as though everyone has forgotten the value of a loving, caring and understanding mother and father. They are focused on money and stature and everything in between. But this puts things back into perspective.

    My daughter is Lily Rose

  • Charne August 26, 2015 at 9:31 am

    Thanks for this amazing articel. Family is so important and we quickly forget how precious family is. My children means the world to me and im trying to be a good parent to them. (Mason – he loves to jump)

  • Chanthea August 28, 2015 at 12:04 pm

    I learned good parenting boosts happiness. Love is a very hard thing to show. But love is very important and a loving parent has huge succes in happiness.

  • Nicoleen Meeding August 28, 2015 at 1:37 pm

    This is so true, we as parents needs to take our rightful places in our homes and be responsible. Knowing that our child happiness and well being depends on us. I love my little boy (James) very much and show him that every single second through our words and action.


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