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What to Get the Tech-Savvy Mom

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we all want to make sure that our mom’s feel appreciated and loved.  And given mom’s busy schedule, it is also important to make sure that everything she does, on the day, is effortless, efficient, fun and memorable – so what do you get the tech-savvy mom?

Well, look no further as we have the perfect tech list to help you make it an incredible Mother’s Day:

  • If your mom likes to not only stay healthy, but be on top of her daily tasks, work, family and social life – what about getting her a fitness tracking wearable, which will help her fitness journey by tracking her steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes and even sleep patterns.
  • Every mom wants to savour the time spent with their families and ensure those precious moments are captured – and a camera is the perfect gift to not only keeping those memories safe, but giving mom the ability to relive the moments anytime she wants. Make sure you get a camera that best suits your mom, if she likes scrapbooking look at getting her a Polaroid camera that will allow her to instantly print the pictures or if she is always on the move get her a user friendly digital camera that is compact and easy to use for those everyday Instagram moments.
  • To keep mom at ease while at work or travelling, get her a home networking security kit that can allow her to keep her eyes on the home front through her smartphone. The security kit makes for easy usage as it connects wirelessly and has a good signal range where mom can program a number that can be automatically called should the security kit pick up any movement in the house while the family is away.
  • Mom is always trying to make sure that the family is well fed with healthy and nutritious recipes. So why not make life easier for her by buying her a tablet for use in the kitchen where she can easily download all her favourite recipes on, get subscriptions to her favourite magazines and stay in touch with the world – anywhere, anytime.

Make sure you pamper her this Mother’s Day – and let her know that all the love she gives to her family is appreciated – and what better way than through a thoughtful gift – suited just for her.

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