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GD Chocolate Launches Nutritiously Delicious Chocolate Loaded Logs

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As more and more people are opting to eat healthier and lead more active lifestyles, there’s been an increase in consumers looking for better-for-you options, especially when it comes to sweet treats and chocolates (after all, who doesn’t love chocolate). 

Cape Town based brand of natural chocolate, GD Chocolates recently launched their nutritiously delicious chocolate Loaded Logs (RRP R24.75) packed with only healthy and flavourful goodness. 

Blended with the finest quality of raw honey and the smooth, enticing taste of GD’s dark chocolate each flavour offers many unique nutritional properties. Whether you’re looking for a collagen or energy boost, a dose of vitamin C or something to ease inflammation, GD Chocolates Loaded Logs boost a number of benefits. 

Collagen Loaded Log

Lusciously chewy, with a deliciously malty flavour, the Collagen Loaded Log contains collagen and Vitamin C (which promotes collagen production in the body), providing a collagen boost essential for great-looking skin, hair and nails.

Ingredients: Cocoa (powder, butter, mass), raw honey, collagen, blueberries, macadamia oil, Vitamin C and Himalayan salt.

Vitamin C Loaded Log

Tart, yet sweet with a tangy citrus zing, the Vitamin C Loaded Log sparkles on the tongue, leaving you craving for more… just another taste-burst, please! Your body needs vitamin C every single day. We can’t think of a more exquisite way to get your daily dose.

Ingredients: Cocoa (powder, butter, mass), raw honey, cashew nuts, baobab, Vitamin C, lemon oil, bioflavinoid (orange peel).

Maca Moringa Loaded Log

With its marzipan-texture and sweet, malted-nutty taste, the Maca Moringa Loaded Log is an energy boost that lasts, sustaining you for hours. Have one for lunch (literally have one for lunch!) and Maca’s mood-improving energy shotplus Moringa’s abundant phytonutrients will see you through until dinner-time.

Ingredients: Cocoa (powder, butter, mass), raw honey, Almond nut butter, Maca powder, Moringa powder.

Turmeric Loaded Log

The Turmeric Loaded Log delivers a load of turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties along with a sweet, coco nutty chocolate bliss with subtle, peppery-ginger warmth.

Ingredients: cocoa (powder, butter, mass), raw honey, coconut, coconut oil, himalayan salt, vanilla extract, turmeric, ginger, black pepper.

From natural nutrients and enzymes to antioxidants and antibacterial qualities, raw honey, a key ingredient in GD Chocolate’s range contains a variety of health benefits too:

High level of antioxidants helps with heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol

  • Promotes both body and digestive health
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps to eliminate allergies
  • Excellent remedy for skin wounds, inflammation and ulcers

Available at Wellness Warehouse stores, selected Spars, Health shops and Deli’s nationwide.

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