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Fun Ways to Surprise Your Child on Their Birthday

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A birthday is a special occasion that comes just once a year. Kids and family alike wait the entire year to celebrate that special day with family, friends, and relatives. As the big day nears, the excitement of receiving gifts becomes unbearable for the little one!

But besides gifts, why not try to make the day even more special with a few fun surprises? Feel free to use some of the following surprises to make the birthday of your child an even more awe-inspiring one.

Have a surprise character show up at your party

What else can be greater than a surprise visit from your child’s favorite character? If you have dogs, make sure that they make an unannounced special secret visit.

Even better yet, if your guests have doggies, have them bring them along as well.

If pets are out of the question, make sure to have your child’s favorite character make a surprise impromptu visit. Your child can enter the world of their favorite cartoon character, sports figure or celebrity with all their friends.

This will make your child enjoy their party to the fullest as they will feel as special as the party entertainersplaying the characters!

Make a countdown chain

You can easily make a celebration countdown chainwith construction paper say 30 days before the big day. To do this, make 30 links in the chain and each day simply rip off one of the links.

Kids love to watch the chain get smaller because they know that when the chain is gone, their big day will have arrived!

Leave chalk messages on Your child’s belongings

When your child gets home from school, surprise them with chalk messages a few days or weeks before their party.

You can decorate whatever toys they might have with a chalk written birthday message. It can be the bat your child plays with, their dolls or action figures, a trampolineor any other surface that chalk can write on.

You can even leave a chalk message on the sidewalk when they come home that says “your birthday is coming in 3 days!” Be creative with ideas. Secret surprise messages will excite your child with anticipation of the big day.

Mention their age everywhere

Children love aging and the number of their age is something very close to their hearts. You can wear the number on your face with face paints (but beware of the kisses you may get in return).

You can also mention their age on balloons, on the tile in the tub, on a cupcake, or on the walls of the house. You can also create their giant birthday number in the yard.

Have a surprise sleepover party the night before their birthday

How about surprising them by inviting their friends over to your house the night before their birthday and have a celebration at midnight to kick off the big day! A night like that could potentially be the most fun night of your child’s entire life.

Fill Their Rooms with surprise Balloons

Balloons are a colorful and attractive way to make your child enjoy and rejoice all the fun of their birthday. Balloons are not very expensive but the impact they can create is out of this world. On the birthday of your child, you can fill their room with dozens of beautiful balloons.

Each corner of the room should have balloons so that your child can jump around in the balloons and enjoy every moment of their birthday.

Hide their gifts

How about a new tradition where the birthday child gets a surprise gift the night before their birthday? Imagine the smile on their face when you notify them of this special surprise. The only caveat is that the present is hidden and it must be found.

You can give your child clues or tell them if they are hot or cold when searching for the gift. You can also additionally have the birthday guests that come to the party the next day hide their gifts around the house.

Anticipation is sometimes better than the actual present!

Leave a Stuffed Bear in their room with flowers

Need we say more?

These are some simple fun ways to surprise your child on their birthday. Remember, it is not what you do to make them feel special on their birthday, it is how you do it.

Every gesture of yours should reflect the love for your child. We hope these ways can help you make your child happy on their special occasion.

Fun surprises will aid in making the actual day as distinctive as possible and they surely will make their birthday a most memorable one for your child.

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