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 Foppapedretti Piuleggero

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Foppapedretti came about from the passion for wood of its founder, Ezio Foppa Pedretti.

It all began in 1945, in the home in Telgate (in Bergamo) where young Ezio devoted his spare time to making wooden toys out of the leftovers from his uncle Pierino’s umbrella handle factory.

In the 1950s he began making the first products for babies, products that launched the company and became its visiting card for decades to come.

Wood remains the most important material used by Foppapedretti, but seeing as the company is always on the lookout for new ideas to satisfy the needs of the ever-changing market; in 2004 they embarked upon an adventure in the world of pushchairs. Foppapedretti wanted to apply its company philosophy to this industry as well, and the results are clear to see: products must be highly functional, practical and safe, but also innovative to always stay at least one step ahead.

And so, after about four years of experimentation, the only stroller with electrical motor on the market today was introduced in 2011 (production began in March 2012): MyoTronic, a product the President and CEO, Luciano Bonetti, invested a great deal of personal energy in.

In 2011, MyoTronic won the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award.

The super-lightweight and sturdy stroller Piùleggero by Foppapedretti weighs only 3, 6 kg.

  • opened, closed and pushed with just one hand.
  • used from birth (usable up to 3 years, maximum weight 15 kg)
  • Adjustable footrest and extendable and removable canopy,
  • With UPF50+ protection: this fabric shields from the sun’s ultraviolet rays with 98% protection.
  • An aluminium stroller which weighs only 3,6 kg (without accessories) and closes easily,
  • Standing up on its own and occupying a little space.
  • a multi-position reclining backrest,
  • 5-point safety belt with chest protectors, protective armrest which can be opened
  • Spacious storage basket.


Strollers are designed and made in compliance with safety regulations to ensure that:

  • The dimensions are such that no part of the body will get stuck.
  • The structure has undergone static and dynamic load tests to ensure the stability of the blocking devices.
  • The opening and closing mechanisms have been designed so that the stroller cannot accidentally fold up.
  • The product is entirely stable and, under normal conditions of use, will not tip over.
  • It has undergone mechanical resistance and stability tests to ensure that it can withstand normal daily use without breaking or warping.
  • Tests have been done on the braking and parking mechanisms, the grip of the handles and rough terrain travel.
  • It has no small parts that can be ingested.
  • The materials and paints used are non-toxic and free from any ingredient that may be hazardous to human health.
  • The instructions manual provides all the information and safety warnings you need to use the product correctly.
  • We suggest: That you carefully read the warnings found in the instruction manual. Any product, even when constructed in compliance with European law, may be dangerous if used improperly.
  • Do not use a damaged product nor one that has been used before as there may be invisible damage (deteriorated materials due to age or improper storage) or it may not be compliant with current law.
  • When buying a childcare product, take note of the age for which the item was designed.
  • When you buy a product, especially a childcare product, make sure that either the wrapping or the product itself has a reference to an EC law: this guarantees that the product is in compliance with the general product safety laws.

Retail price is R 5 299.00

Available at the following retailers:

Hamleys, (Sandton , Eastgate , Menlyn & Mall of Africa)

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