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Festive season, gifting, and the in-laws!!!

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Wow time is flying by and I cannot believe the festive season is here. I am not complaining because I am happy to bid farewell to this year for sure.

I always look forward to the festive season because school is over for the year and everyone gets a very well-deserved break. Well everyone except the moms of the household. Festive season is always the busiest time of year for mommies especially because we’re trying to keep everything afloat, juggling the last bit of work left, entertaining the kids, making sure that there’s numerous amounts of snacks and meals and if that isn’t enough, throw in the in laws visiting as well. There is no denying that the holidays can be very tense under normal circumstances, but can be very trying if the year has been difficult and we all know that 2020 has really done a number on us. 

While festive season can be dauting on families there are ways around it.

Here are my tips for dealing with festive and the in laws:

  • Aim to make holiday times enjoyable and memorable.
  • Plan with your spouse so that there is no conflict. Plan which days are set aside for in laws and remember to make time for each other. Sometimes holidays become so busy that you end up living passed each other and then feel like you need a holiday from your holiday.
  • Be vocal about your plan. That way if anyone wants to make other plans, they may do so early enough without getting upset about last minute changes.
  • Balance the time spent between the in laws and remember the main priority here is spending time with the kids and making memories.
  • Keep an open mind. Ask everyone what the one thing is they would like to do over the holidays and make time to do that.
  • Make your in-laws feel included but also explain to them that you would like to do your own family traditions during the holidays and include them in those.
  • Communication is key. Never accept a holiday invite without discussing it with your spouse first.
  • Compromise with your in laws. If you do Christmas eve dinner at theirs this year then perhaps they should come to yours next year. This will not always work but it is worth a shot!
  • Do not forget to set aside some time to rest and relax! The last thing you want is to suffer from festive season burnout.
  • Lastly, do not let your in-laws get under your skin by telling you how you should be running your household or what you should be feeding the kids. As long as your partner thinks you are the bee’s knees, practice those yoga breaths and walk away. 

Festive season is almost upon us and now is the perfect time to hunt for gifts for family and friends. To help you with this quest, I have made a list of festive season gift ideas that you could consider on a budget:

  • House of Cosmetics has amazing mystery boxes, unicorn boxes and great bundle deals for makeup which will not cost you an arm or a leg. Now which lady or girl does not love makeup?!
  • This festive season why not gift someone a gift to start their own small business. Caribbeantan has starter tanning kits for sale which equips them with the tools & training to grow their own business. What an amazing gift idea!!!!
  • Caribbeantan also has great bundle deals at a fraction of the cost. You can also buy products individually and build your own spa day box to gift to anyone. A relaxing spa experience is what everyone craves after a long and tiring day/week. I know I crave it every other day. This is an ideal gift for spa lovers/cravers.
  • When in doubt with what to buy someone, I always opt for a frame and pictures because who does not love the gift of memories.
  • Great skin does not just happen, it is moulded. CATRICE has some great serums which is also budget friendly which can be gifted in a pretty box to a girlfriend, sister or mom.
  • Home décor. If you know a friend who has recently moved into their new home or apartment or a friend who is redecorating their place, then home décor is something you should investigate. This gift is also suitable for newly married couples setting up their first home.
  • Personalized gifts. Even if it is Christmas decorations with their name on it. It is something that can be reused every year and what an awesome memory to have.
  • Gift cards. Although I find it quite impersonal, gift cards are the most practical gifts to gift your loved ones or your friends. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of these gift cards before purchasing them. Some limit the usage to specific stores or specific locations. Others limit the product range that you can utilise the card against. Most gift cards are valid for a year from when you purchase them so they need not be utilised immediately, they can be utilised when the need arises especially during those dry bleak January months.
  • Cash is king!!!! The most popular gift people want is money and I’m not completely against it.

Happy holidays. Have blessed Christmas and an amazing new year!!!

Remember Covid is still very much with us. Please be safe, wear your mask and sanitize.

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