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Excellent Remote Volunteering Opportunities for 2021

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Volunteering opportunities aren’t only for individuals with a lot of free time on their hands. They allow you to contribute to important causes while helping you grow on a personal and professional level. Furthermore, they make you more employable.

Obviously, many of us have hectic schedules and personal responsibilities that leave little room for volunteering. But luckily, online volunteering offers a solution. Similar to in-person volunteering, they enable you to do your part. But from the comfort of your own home. And in just a couple of hours per week.

Ready to add some experience to your resume? Adzuna recently did a little digging and found an impressive collection of opportunities to help you gain volunteering experience. Check out the list of options and see which one resonates with you!

United Nations Volunteers

The UN Volunteers Programme offers a plethora of volunteering opportunities worldwide that all strive to boost sustainable development. It’s super easy to find an option you’re interested in on the UNV website. Simply select the sector you’d like to participate in and navigate through the opportunities until you find something that suits your skills and experience.

Create the Good

Create the Good was established to enable people to share their skills and passions within their communities. Depending on your skillset, there are numerous causes you might be able to contribute to. With options to work with veterans, the elderly, children, and the youth, there’s something here for everyone.


Catchafire is a skills-based volunteer-matching platform that allows you to connect with nonprofits in need of your professional skills. By volunteering your expertise, you’ll be contributing to meaningful projects and initiatives. They also have one-hour phone call opportunities where you’ll have the chance to consult and brainstorm with nonprofits even if you’re really short on time.

Translators without Borders

Translators without Borders aims to bridge the language gap by offering translation and language services to nonprofits and humanitarian groups. You can apply for their volunteering opportunities if you’re fluent in two or more languages and would like to make a difference in humanitarian crisis response as an interpreter or translator.


TechSoup empowers nonprofits with mission-critical technology resources and skills. For instance, if you’re particularly tech-savvy and looking for a way to do your part, this is a terrific way to use your IT expertise for a good cause. As a remote volunteer, you can offer your services by writing for TechSoup’s blog or answering some questions on their online forum to help NGOs.

Grow Movement

Grow Movement enables you to work with entrepreneurs in developing countries. If you’ve got commercial experience, any kind of mentoring experience, and experience with improving business performance, this is the ideal volunteering opportunity. After completing 12 mentoring sessions, you can teach an entrepreneur new skills and help them improve their business performance.

Amnesty Decoders

If you’re passionate about human rights and have a trusty computer or smartphone, joining Amnesty Decoders as a volunteer might be the right move for you. The organisation investigates human rights violations and relies on volunteers to get the job done. Once you register, you can join various projects through Amnesty Decoders’ website. Essentially, volunteers help Amnesty International further its efforts for equal human rights.

Learning Ally

Learning Ally’s Volunteer Nation offers excellent volunteering opportunities for anyone passionate about education. Their volunteers assist with producing audiobook versions of textbooks and literature so students with dyslexia and other disabilities like visual impairment can stay engaged and independent. Volunteers have the option of recording audiobooks as narrators. They can also offer feedback to other narrators, or work in quality assurance to ensure the audio is of high quality.

In Conclusion

You can tweak your resume, polish your LinkedIn profile, research companies, and brush up on your interview skills until you’re blue in the face. But there’s one thing that will always make you appear more employable than the rest of the crowd. Volunteering experience.

All things considered, volunteering is the best way to give back. Ultimately, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Online volunteering opportunities are great ways to put your free time, professional expertise, and talents to good use.

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