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The time has come for education to evolve. 

Evolve is designed to take each child on a journey of personal mastery, using trend setting curriculum mapping systems developed by MIT, where they progress at their own deliberate or accelerated pace.

Our mission at Evolve Online School is to provide your child with an education like no other.

We are committed to guiding your child through an educational adventure of self-discovery and subject mastery. Our goal is to help them quickly excel in areas of interest and strength, and progress steadily in areas where they need more time and focused attention to succeed.

What ages does your online schooling cover?

Grade R-9

Grade 10-12 will be phased in from 2022

Are you taking new learners at this time?

Yes we enrol throughout the year

How are your online classes conducted?

Online Classes will take place via Blackboard Ultra

Are lessons conducted in groups or one on one?

We have group lessons and when needed students will have one on one or small group sessions.

Is your school able to mark and report on students work submitted?

Yes, our child’s learning activator (teacher) will instruct each student on the required submissions that form part of our assessments and contact you to discuss assessment requirements. We can also monitor progress in the proficiency level of each student on our mapped Learning Management System.

We use a mastery system that tracks the performance of each student in detail and this feeds into our AI and machine learning system to improve their success.

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Contact: 010 005 5551

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