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Everything you Need To Know About The 2pc Twistshake Feeding Spoons Set

The 2pc Twistshake feeding spoons set is something every mom needs in her cupboard! This great little product has been designed specifically to benefit both the parent and the child. But everything you need to know about this product (and the brand behind it) lies just below. Read on now to see why you should consider introducing the Twistshake line into your child’s eating routine now. 

A Bit About The 2pc Twistshake Feeding Spoons Set

The 2pc Twistshake feeding spoons set is a truly unique feeding accessory for all babies. The innovative two piece set comes with two different utensils, each serving their own purpose along the feeding journey of your baby’s life. These are great for children aged four months and up and make for the perfect starter utensil set.

The grips of each ladle are straight and have been designed to incorporate grooves and textures to aid the grasp of each spoon. Furthermore, the spoons are made from child friendly materials, including; PP and TPE plastic. The spoons contain no BPA, BPS and BPF, making them free from toxins and safe for your child to use. Above all, these spoons are dishwasher safe, making them easy to use and simple to clean. 

Why Twistshake Is The Product For You

Twistshake is the brilliant company behind a line of great child feeding products. They design all of their products with one main customer in mind; your baby! No harmful materials are used in the construction of any of their products, ensuring your little one will not come into contact with any toxins. Above that, all of their designs were created to fit little hands, meaning your baby will easily be able to use these products themselves. Give your baby a sense of independence by allowing them to start feeding themselves with these incredible spoons! 

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