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Electronic vs. Manual Breast Pumps: Which Works For You?

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Many people debate over whether they need an electric or manual breast pump. Truth be told, there is no right side to this discussion. Both manual and electronic breast pumps have their purpose within the breastfeeding world. Knowing which best suits your lifestyle is the key question one should be asking. We shall discuss this below, so read on ow to see which pump best suits your needs.

Electric Breast Pumps

The electric breast pump has been in production since 1991. This was introduced to the world by the Swiss company, Medela, who managed to produce the first ever electric-powered, vacuum operated breast pump. From then on, the electronic pump has grown exponentially, with hundred of suppliers and models available. But what are the advantages to having an electronic pump?

The Pros Of The Electronic Breast Pump

  • It is time efficient – taking less time than a manual pump to express
  • This type of pump requires less effort to use than a manual pump
  • There is a wider variety of models to choose from, including hospital grade pumps
  • Offer you the option of hiring – please note however, only hospital grade pumps can be rented from a professional supplier

The Cons Of The Electronic Breast Pump

  • These types of pumps are a lot pricier than any manual
  • The electronic pump is far nosier than a manual pump
  • Some electric models can be intricate to sterilize
  • Generally, these pumps are more difficult to transport than a manual
  • If you buy a mains operated pump, you will be reliant on a plug outlet to do your pumping

Manual Breast Pumps

The manual pump has been around since the late 19th century, first being patented in the States. There is a reason this magical little appliance has endured through the century – even with the introduction of the electronic breast pump. 

The Pros Of The Manual Breast Pump

  • Cost effective – this type of pup is far more affordable for the everyday mum
  • The manual pump is light weight and compact, making it easy to carry on the go
  • The manual pump is incredibly quiet to use
  • The pump is also really simple to operate
  • This pump requires no electricity, meaning you can use it any time, any where

The Cons Of The Manual Breast Pump

  • This type of pump operates slower than the electronic counterpart
  • Sometimes finding a regular pumping rhythm can be challenging
  • Manual pumping can tire your hands

In Conclusion

As you can see, both electronic and manual breast pumps have their pros and cons. If you are a mom pressed for time with a bust schedule, your best bet would be to invest in an electronic pump. However, if you’re looking for an affordable, easy t use and transport breast pump, the manual version will serve you just fine! Stand a chance to win a Medela Harmony Manual Pump this month! See our competition page for more now.

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