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EduExcellence is bringing 13 years or physical remedial school experience to an online platform. We will retain aspects of our unique TheraEd (Therapeutic Education) approach to assist learners with so-called learning difficulties.

Our tag line of ‘real remedial school @home’ means that each class has a designated teacher and only 12 learners per class. We also include dedicated counsellors in our online school that provide structured emotional and social development programmes and one on one counselling as needed.

What ages does your online schooling cover?

Grade 1 to Grade 10

Are you taking new learners at this time?

Yes we are.

How are your online classes conducted?

We will implement our technology via Microsoft Office 365 using Teams with an integration to Moodle and WhatsApp as an offline backup.

Are lessons conducted in groups or one on one?

We have combined register and teaching classes with one on one assisted learning.

Is your school able to mark and report on students work submitted?

Yes. Primarily through Teams but with eMail and WhatsApp as backup options.

Extra information

During our enrolment process all learners will complete a full neuro assessment to help us assist them. Parents will need to provide a minimum of 10Mbps Uncapped internet access and a Windows 10 desktop or laptop.

Contact Details


Contact: 012 361 0686


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