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Easy Ways To Teach Your Kids To Conserve Energy

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Some parents think that their children don’t pay much attention to social issues, such as the state of the environment. But the truth is, kids care a lot about these things as a global survey indicates that 95 percent of Generation Alpha – children born after 2010 – believes that taking care of the environment should be a priority. It’s encouraging that children have such strong opinions about the environment, but it’s important to teach them how they can actively do their part to save the earth. By teaching kids how to save energy, parents can help their little ones develop good habits and reduce their impact on the planet. Here are some easy ways to teach your kids how to conserve energy at home.

Close the drapes and blinds

simple way to conserve energy during the hot months is to close the drapes and blinds during the hottest part of the day. Direct sunlight that comes through windows can raise the temperature of your home, and this means that your air conditioner will have to work harder and use more energy to cool your living space. Assign this easy task to your child and remind them to do this every afternoon. You can also give your air conditioner a break and turn on the fan to keep the cool air circulating inside your home. Remind your child not to open the doors or windows, since doing so would let the hot air in from outside and make your home feel uncomfortably warm again. 

Ditch the TV and gaming console

Studies reveal that children spend almost three hours a day watching TV. Too much screen time not only affects a child’s physical and mental wellbeing, but it also can result in costly utility bills. Instead of watching TV or playing video games, encourage your child to unplug for at least three hours. During this time, your little one can read a book, play board games, or go outside for a walk or a bike ride. 

Go for timed showers

South African households use about 250 litres of water a day, which is more than the world average of 185 litres. To conserve water and reduce your energy bills, encourage your child to have a timed shower. Teenagers and young adults usually take long showers, so this may be a good idea if you have older kids at home. Put a timer in your bathroom and ask them to set it every time they shower. They can have a 10-minute shower if they’re washing their hair, and a 5-minute shower if they just want to feel refreshed. 

Have rules for using the fridge

Young kids have a habit of repeatedly opening and closing the fridge, even if they’re not getting anything inside it. Some even leave the fridge door open, which can let warm air in and make the appliance work harder to restore its normal interior temperature. Place a sign on the fridge to remind them not to leave the door open. To prevent them from constantly opening and closing the fridge, pour ice cold water into a large insulated jug and leave it on the table so they can get a cool drink as often as they want without having to open the fridge. You can also leave fruits and crackers on the table so they don’t have to open the fridge to hunt for snacks. 

Teaching your kids how to conserve energy at home enables them to do their part to save the planet. Try these easy ways to teach your children to save energy, and help them develop good habits as they grow. 

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