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Easy Ways To Encourage Your Children To Draw

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Research published in Psychology, Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts found that drawing boosts your mood, making you feel happier. Not only that, but it encourages penmanship, helping with fine motor skills and muscle memory. Drawing is also an excellent way of stimulating the imagination, and provides children with a sense of accomplishment, helping them to boost their self-esteem. Encouraging your child to draw is easy, and you don’t need expensive equipment – you don’t even need a pen or pencil: you can draw in sand or soil if you’re on the beach or in the backyard. Children will enjoy spending time expressing themselves, both indoors and out, having fun with art. 

Drawing family pets

The pets in your home make the ideal art subject, and will give your child the opportunity to add texture to their drawings. Think about sketching fur on a cat’s face – the lines go in many different directions to create contour and help give the face a sense of dimension. It is easy to achieve the effect of fur just with a pencil when you’re drawing a cute cat face. One of the best times to draw a pet is when they’re asleep. You can then focus on small details, like the spotty dimples of a dog’s nose, or how large their ears are in comparison to the rest of their head. Your child can also have a go at drawing some colourful paw prints

Finger painting

You don’t need to use a pen and paper to be able to draw: get your child to try using different parts of their body. Finger painting is a good start, and a fun activity for pre-schoolers and toddlers. You can use coloured paints, or even make your own art materials from plants and flowers. Finger painting is only the start though – what about elbow painting? Or using your feet to create different shapes? By making drawing a tactile experience, you can engage your child and help them to improve their coordination and motor skills. 

Doodling and Zentangle

Drawing is a wonderful way to express yourself, and doodling in particular can be a great way of freeing the mind. It shows children that you don’t always have to draw a certain subject: even the simple act of putting pen to paper and starting with some flowing squiggles can be good fun. Those squiggles may become something unexpected entirely, or you can use them as a starting point to create imaginary creatures, aliens and landscapes. For older children, the Zentangle method can be fun, creating structured and sequenced patterns to create larger images. It helps the mind to focus and relax, easing stress and making you feel happy. Zentangle is also a great way of drawing botanical pictures, filled with trees, leaves and flowers. 

Drawing is extremely beneficial for children, and helps them to develop their fine-motor skills in a creative way. Drawing is also an essential tool for helping children to express themselves, boosting mood so they feel happy. 

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