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Disney Baby helps your little one develop important skills

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We all know how curious babies can be.  It doesn’t stop as they grow, it just gets more intense as the thirst for knowledge increases.  Developmental toys have become one of the most purchased items by new moms and one of the most important parts of a babies upbringing.  From the tiniest of noises to the first touch of a strange texture, everything is new and equally important – just look at the fascination with touch phones and iPads.

Disney Baby are one step ahead when it comes to incorporating learning into a baby’s playtime.  With Mickey Baby and Minnie Baby as the focal play pals, Disney Baby has created products such as musical touch pads, stacking blocks and light up tummy toys that keep little minds fascinated for hours, whilst all being safe enough to take into the crib with them if they just can’t let go!

And the great news is, you won’t have to spend a fortune to keep them entertained and learning at the same time – what more could a new mom want?

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