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Fortunately, “infertility” doesn’t haven’t to be a final diagnosis. Thanks to rapid innovations in health, an increasing number of couples are experiencing the “baby joy” they once suspected was impossible. However, for many, their journey doesn’t have to follow the imagined route of “we’re struggling – let’s head straight to IVF, do not pass go”. Millions of couples face fertility challenges due to problems that can be relatively simple to solve.

As an example, often, the cause for a lack of fertility in men is sub-optimal sperm health, something that’s perfectly treatable. After all, one of the biggest threats to top quality sperm is oxidative stress caused by cell-damaging free radicals. (These damage the sperm’s head and tail, making it difficult to swim and successfully implant itself in an egg.)  Modern life makes free radical avoidance impossible – they’re literally in the air – but you can limit their destruction in a big way while significantly boosting sperm health with a proven male fertility supplement like Prelox.

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As the creators of Ovaria, a leading ovarian-health nutritional supplement for women with PCOS, we know your ovaries are an amazing organ. While they’re merely the size of an almond, they can hold up to millions of eggs. Not all of these will mature to become – quite literally – ripe and ready for fertilisation but the average woman can expect to release around 300 to 400 of them. But what happens when you don’t? Many women experience regular periods, but they’re not necessarily producing eggs. It’s only when they start trying to get pregnant – and failing – that they realise they might be dealing with a fertility issue.

If this is your situation, your doctor might diagnose you with failure to ovulate. While the term might sound scary, this condition is often reversible. It’s also extremely common. As many as 40% of all women dealing with fertility issues are failing to ovulate and it can be caused by several factors. These include gynaecological conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endocrine problems like a thyroid condition and even your weight. The one thing that all these conditions have in common is unregulated hormones. (Yep, it’s true. Having too little or too much body fat can affect your hormone levels to the point that they can’t help your body produce an egg.)

Bring back the balance

If you suspect you’re simply not ovulating, you should always chat to your doctor. They’ll be able to run a series of simple tests that will give them a clear idea of your hormonal profile and ovarian health. As far as treatment goes, this will always depend on what’s causing your hormonal imbalance. Potential options include taking oral medication or hormone injections. You might also need to make lifestyle changes to help you manage your stress levels and weight – two things that don’t require a prescription pad. However, if you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, you might also want to consider a cutting-edge supplement like Ovaria. It’s clinically proven to increase the ovulation rate of PCOS sufferers in just 16 weeks!

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