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What is clean beauty?

The clean beauty movement embraces natural ingredients. The term clean beauty means beauty products that are cruelty-free, vegan and do not include harmful ingredients. There is no compromise in terms of quality and efficiency, just high-performance products along with peace of mind.

Clean beauty products are products that do not contain ingredients such as, parabens, silicone, palm oil, sulphates and fragrances, yet still deliver exceptional results.

Why choose clean beauty?

As a parent, we are always lecturing our kids about recycling, being more conscious about the earth and being aware of what they put in their bodies, but we never stop and think about what we are doing. Most parents do not even have the time or do not even know where to start (me, I am most parents). Therefore, when CATRICE launched their Clean ID range I was super stoked!

The clean beauty movement has become a growing movement which we could not ignore. It is a movement, which resonates with a lot of customers and it is here to stay.

By supporting brands that already adopt the clean beauty movement, we are already doing our bit. If we all do our little bits, then all our little bits add up and we make a huge impact.

The Clean ID range is environmentally friendly, vegan and the products are not tested on animals. The products are all free of parabens, silicones, micro plastics, mineral oil, pure palm oil, exotic and animal ingredients.

No to parabens – what are parabens?

Parabens are chemicals found in products which are used as preservatives. They are harmful as they can interfere with the body’s hormones, most notably the reproductive hormones which pose possible risks such as, cancer, fertility problems and chronic diseases.

No to silicone – what are silicones?

Silicones can be harmful as they may contain harmful additives, which are not biodegradable.

No to micro plastics – what are micro plastics?

Micro plastics are tiny particles of plastic found in cosmetics. Once these cosmetics are washed off, it reaches wastewater which is not efficient in removing these plastics as the plastics then reach the oceans and are harmful to aquatic life.

No to mineral oil – what is mineral oil?

Mineral oils used in cosmetics are derived from petroleum. Mineral oils can clog pores and make it difficult for moisture to enter and exit the skin which can lead to breakouts.

No to pure palm oil – what is palm oil?

Palm oil is a vegetable oil used in cosmetics for moisturising and texturizing properties.

The palm oil industry often faces criticism for the deforestation it continues to cause and its consequences: clearing of wild animals’ natural habitat (including rainforests), and depletion of valuable carbon sinks including peatlands and trees. 

No to animal ingredients – what are animal ingredients?

Some companies are not educated or sensitive to the suffering of animals in the production of certain products that do not involve the actual slaughter of animals. Using animal testing in cosmetics development might involve testing all the ingredients of the finished commodity or the finished product on the animals.

CATRICE Clean ID has such a wide selection of products namely:

  • Clean ID hydro BB cream – 99% natural ingredients
  • Clean ID eyeshadow palette – 80% natural ingredients
  • Clean ID mineral bronzer with SPF – 85 natural ingredients
  • Clean ID mineral swirl highlighter – 96% natural ingredients
  • Clean ID lip oil – 84% natural ingredients
  • Clean ID eyeliner – 75% natural ingredients
  • Clean ID eye pencil – 100% natural ingredients
  • Clean ID volume+ lengthening mascara – 75% natural ingredients

Clean beauty which is CATRICE clean ID is simple, trusted and conscious. We love this movement and look forward to revealing more from this range next year.

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