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Chicco Smart2Play starts little brains working with fun puzzle-solving

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As with all Chicco toys, education and brain development underlying every moment of fun is a priority. The Smart2Play toy range takes it one step further with proactive puzzle games to make even the youngest baby squeal in delight at their achievements.

Smart2Play toys transform amusing creative experiences into fundamental cognitive achievements and make for great bonding time with parents and children as you work together to assist and encourage as they achieve.

Smart2Play toys are prefect for babies from 6 months and older, depending on difficulty level.

Highlights of Smart2Play

Smart2Play 2-in1 Stacking Cups

The smartest version of a classic stacking toy, that helps develop cognitive skills, logical association, and hand-eye coordination. 

Game 1. Stack & Learn: 5 cups in decreasing sizes to stack. 

Game 2. Sort: 5 different coloured shapes to insert in the right hole at the top of each cup. 

The cups can be placed inside each other, they are decorated with numbers from 1 to 5, and with the correspondent shape, to stimulate logical association and hand-eye coordination. 

Smart2Play Ring Tower

A smart ring tower puzzle that involves two games:

Game 1. Stack & Learn: 4 rings in decreasing sizes to stack

Game 2. Sort: 4 different coloured shapes to insert in the right hole

The rocking base makes the game even more fun. The different raised patterns on each ring stimulate soft motor skills, another important factor for baby’s future handwriting.

Smart2Play Sort & Beat Cube

Creating amazing hand eye coordination through hammering activities.

Game 1: Sort: first shape sorting activity on 2 sides of the cube, with 4 different coloured geometrical shapes

Game 2: Beat: The fun activity of hammering the 2 coloured balls on the other 2 sides of the cube

Two doors make it easy to release shapes and balls. 

Smart2Play toys are available at a variety of retailers including BabiesRUs, Takelot, Loot, Babanino, Baby Boom, The Kid Zone, and others.

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