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Chicco Manual and Electric Breast Pumps

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With 61 years as global leaders in the world of baby products, Chicco has perfected the art of the quality nursing item.  Whether breast feeding exclusively, or expressing for later feeds, there comes a time in every busy mom’s life when she will need to pump milk.  Nutrition is key and with everyone knows breast milk is ultimately the richest form of nutrition you can give your child – yet sometimes one just needs a break from hungry mouths and little emerging teeth.

Chicco has two of the best solutions for expressing moms.  Whether using the high-tech electric breast pump, or the conventional, yet reliable manual pump, both items are essential nursery items – particularly if moms need to start working again. 

The electric breast pump is a mother’s best ally.  With ten settings to choose from, there is a pressure that will work best for you. The pump has an LED light that enables night-time pumping without waking co-sleeping partners or children and the pumping mechanism is gentle on breasts, allowing nipple repair and reduced engorgement.

The manual pump is an effective, delicate and practical device that is quiet and allows for mom to pump at work or whilst out and about as it is a small and discreet item.  It connects directly to a 150ml milk container which can be popped directly into the fridge.

Available at Baby City, selected Kids Emporium stores,, and other baby retailers.

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    Chicco seems to be the best product for mothers out there!


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