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When little ones teeth start popping through, drool and irritation are par for the course. From as early as 4 months, small ‘baby’ teeth start appearing on the bottom gum line, causing symptoms that range from fevers, pain, upset stomach and drooling.

Moms learn early on that baby will want to put everything in their mouth to alleviate the pain – which is why good quality teethers are always necessary.

Chicco has a great range of fresh teethers and bibs that are all fridge-friendly, reducing pain by adding that extra ‘cooled-down’ component.

Safe, with no possibility of leakage, the fresh teethers contain fluid that can be cooled and warmed repeatedly, depending on what works best for baby.

With the fresh bibs, the cotton bib area with a cute animal face design catches drool, while the fresh teether component attached can be popped in the fridge, reattached to the bib to avoid dropping and used at baby’s leisure.

An easy and highly effective way to get baby through this painful time.

Available at,, selected Kids Emporiums &

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