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Chicco First Dreams Sleep Range

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Chicco, distributed by Prima Baby, have released an adorable new line of sleeping aids, just in time for a relaxing and peaceful Christmas.

Nightlights, projectors, mobiles and cot companions make up a collection of either pink or blue nursery toys and accessories that will lull your child to sleep, keep monsters at bay and make bed time easier for children and parents alike.

The First Dreams collection takes the very best technology and combines it with sleep lab tested trials to produce items that have proven to work better than standard techno items, which can often be stimulating and keep children awake.

The products include:

Lullaby Sheep

A cuddly plush lamb with a soft lit belly, the sheep has a store of classical music to play while baby drifts off to sleep.  Wake your baby up with a pre-recorded voice message from mom or dad and start their dad off feeling even more loved than possible.

Baby Bear

A large plush teddy bear with a projector of soft lighting streaming from the stars in his belly.  Let the light stream different colours while the bear plays 30 minutes of classical music.  The perfect cot companion.

Next2 Stars Projector

A nightlight that can be attached easily to wooden or travel cots with the simple turn of a handle.  The dome shape makes the light seep through a star-riddled top surface, bursting a beautiful galaxy across your child’s ceiling.

Goodnight Bear

A smaller cot companion designed to hang that has a soft, diffused glow from the belly of a plush teddy.  Classical music is programmed for ten minutes of relaxation.  

Next2 Dreams Mobile

For use in any cot type, the mobile offers cute cuddlies hanging down to greet your baby when they wake, or lull them to sleep when it’s bedtime.  The mobile plays 20 minutes of classical music and the small nightlight is the softest in the range, avoiding over-stimulation and allowing the child to fall asleep naturally.

All items in the First Dreams range require batteries and the plush can be easily washed after removing the battery device.  Grab some relaxation and make your little ones nursery a sanctuary for them to be calm and tranquil.

Available now at Babies R Us,, Hamleys stores and selected Kids Emporium stores.

Available from January at and other retailers.

Starting retail price: R499.99.

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