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The weaning period provides the baby with more nutrients and is also an important step for the psychological, emotional and educational development.

New food, new flavours, new textures and a new way of eating and drinking leads to an ever-increasing sense of independence. 

Chicco accompanies the parents and the baby with a complete range of practical, useful products, specifically designed to meet babys everyday needs.

The Chicco range of cutlery starts when your child first begins to accept a spoon. Beginning with the Silicone Spoon, perfectly suited to small mouths and delicate gums, to the older fork and spoon sets for when baby can start feeding themselves, gradually introducing metal child-sized cutlery for baby to eat just like the grown-ups.

The range takes every age and stage of baby’s mobility and motor skills into consideration.

With small considerations such as hygienic, non-touch landing for spoons to flexibility of neck and length of utensil, the best way to get baby eating on their own starts right here with Chicco Weaning cutlery.

All Weaning Cutlery is available at Takealot,,, and selected Kids Emporium stores.

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