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Chicco Bottle warmer and milk containers

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With 61 years as global leaders in the world of baby products, Chicco has perfected the art of the quality nursing item. We all want convenience when it comes to feeding times, yet it’s not always easy when working, or bringing up other children.

Chicco has a great solution for moms of newborn and younger babies when it comes to storing and warming food.  The Chicco bottle warmer is a simple, fast and safe way to warm up feeding containers in a convenient and speedy fashion. The warmer keeps food warm for up to an hour and even comes with its own internal support system to help elevate smaller bottles and feeding containers.  

Another way to store food, especially milk, is with the simple Chicco 150ml milk container.  With tight seal lids, food can be stored by expressing directly into the containers.  Pureed foods are also easily store and frozen in these little jars.  They come in packs of 4.

Together this combo of convenience makes heating, storing and freezing food one less stress in a busy mom’s life.

Available at Baby City, selected Kids Emporium stores,, and other baby retailers.

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