Most of us are scared of the dentist which means dental care can easily be overlooked but, taking good care of your teeth will not only leave you with a brilliant smile, it will also keep your mouth healthy. By following a good at-home care regime and regular dental visits, you can decrease the likelihood of health problems in the future.

Parental responsibility is the responsibility to care for the child, to maintain contact with the child, to act as guardian of the child, and to contribute to the maintenance of the child. The Children’s Act further sets out that a person may have full or specific parental responsibilities and rights. Full parental responsibilities and rights means that a person may be entitled to all the rights set out in the Act. Specific parental responsibilities and rights means that a person may only have a specific right in terms of the Act; for example, the right to act only as guardian of the child.

Children and teenagers have to be shown and taught how to deal with money. We are advised that, ‘The love of money is the root of all evil’. The source of this wisdom is the Book of Timothy in the Bible. This well-known adage is often misquoted as, ‘Money is the root of all
evil’, which does not mean the same at all. It is greed and corruption and the misuse of money which can cause trouble for us, not the
cold, hard cash or credit cards in your wallet

Early introduction of technology in schools is important to close the gap between our current situation and where we need our future graduates to be. It is predicted that by 2031 all repetitive tasks will be replaced by robots, so it is no longer enough to merely teach a child how to use a computer. Children need to be taught those skills that robots cannot do. According to Michelle Lissoos, Managing Director of Think Ahead, these skills include empathy, creativity, and higher cognitive thinking. Using technology to teach these human characteristics might seem contradictory, but technology can open doors for children which would otherwise be impossible in certain home situations.

Whilst modern technology and its increased usage is seen as a boon to teenagers, most parents have a total opposite view of this. The question then remains…… Is technology to be blamed for poor communication between parents and teenagers? The answer quite simply is NO since a lack of communication between parents and teenagers is an age-old issue.

Positive attitudes in your teenager will help him to feel better about himself and his world. Help your teen to develop a positive and healthy attitude towards himself and those around him. You can do this by being optimistic yourself. Avoid making negative or pessimistic comments. Surely there must be something good in most situations? Don’t openly criticize yourself or other people. It sounds judgemental and negative. Constant criticism of everything becomes a bad habit. Try to be cheerful. You probably have a lot for which to be thankful!

And a unique curriculum, influenced by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which encourages the holistic development of every learner towards their purposeful and impactful future

The study of the Life Sciences gives important insight into disease processes and allows the development of novel therapeutic and innovative medical devices, thereby directly improving human health. Life Sciences also enables an understanding of the environment and the other living species with which we share the earth. This knowledge guides conservation efforts and helps us to save our shared planet.