Adequate awareness, interpretation and use of sensory information is the cornerstone of all learning and behaviour. Some sensory deficits are easy to recognise, such as poor vision or hearing. Other difficulties are less easy to interpret, as they may result from difficulty with processing stimuli through movement, touch, pressure, position and gravity receptors. Some children […]

Before I go any further on this topic, it’s always a good idea to seek professional help with a child or teen who frequently becomes explosive and angry when told no. Keep in mind that this column is not a substitute for psychotherapy or family counselling. The advice that I offer is supplemental parent coaching […]

There may come a time in your marriage where you realise that your partner’s negative behaviour is becoming detrimental to both you and your children. What do you do in a situation like this? What if your partner won’t accept getting divorced? What if you are not working or are afraid to work longer hours […]

Once a sport of Kings reserved only for the rich and famous, playing Polo on horseback is now an accessible and fun hobby that has huge benefits for your kids. 1 – Builds Self Confidence Learning to control a 500kg animal all while playing a strategic team sport is a lot of fun and sure […]

The 28th of May is recognised globally as Menstrual Hygiene Day and encourages people globally to promote good menstrual health and hygiene for all women and girls. As a local business that produces a range of women’s reproductive health products, 3Sixty Biomedicine with their naturally based Salome range is committed to playing an active role […]

Many adult children in South Africa live with their parents, for both cultural and financial reasons. This can suit both parties for a time – but how do you encourage your grown-up kids to become self-sufficient when this is clearly needed? Are there ways to nudge them towards financial independence, both for their sake, and […]

Many people are unaware that there is a difference between a tantrum and a meltdown. While both may involve screaming, kicking, shouting, biting and even swearing, there are some fundamental differences. Tantrums involve a child who has been frustrated in their attempt to do or have something, they usually only occur with an audience and […]

Here is an easy-to-manage tool to help your children learn about money?  Each time they receive money from chores, holidays or gifts, they should break up the money by percentage and place the amounts into envelops.  Here’s how to do it: Purchase 6” x 9” yellow mailing envelopes and place them in a 2 or […]

Getting children to do their chores is not about making our lives easier but it is about encouraging cooperation and responsibility. Our children were given tasks to do from when they were little. It started off with putting their toys away after playing and taking their plates and cups to the kitchen. They now make […]

If it were possible to enhance any aspect of your child through genetic intervention, what would it be? Most parents would probably choose genes that tend to increase intelligence, strengthen immune systems and lengthen lives. Others might be more inclined to choose genes that will engineer a piano-playing prodigy like Mozart, an Einstein, a world […]