We have all bought those flimsy shape box toys right? My greatest frustration was always the poor quality material that was used to make them.  We found the Oops Easy-Activity Box to be oh so bright and fun. Although shapes are fun to get through the little hole, imagine having a butterfly or an owl? […]

You would never believe the benefits that building blocks have… yes building blocks!  From problem solving, imagination, self-expression, mathematics, self esteem, emotional growth…. The list really does go on and on. When you pair building blocks with bright attractive colours you have the must have toy in any developing toddlers household. Then when you have […]

We all know that there is a lot of research on how puzzles help young minds develop. When your child is alone with a simple puzzle from an early age the following basic skills are being built: Physical skills – from holding the puzzle pieces to turning them until they fit  Cognitive skills as this […]

Oops ‘My Sports Bag’ is one of the most popular bags for young toddlers who are just starting to develop some independence and may need a bag to include a swimming costume, towel and maybe a snack. A practical, zipper opening, water-resistant bag that is spacious enough to carry your little one’s sporting gear or […]

Wooden toys always hold a sense of nostalgia about them.  Well crafted, old-fashioned toys that the generations before us enjoyed in many countries are now quite rare.  Oops has held onto the traditional European love of the wooden toy and ensured that children of today still get to enjoy building, playing and learning with the […]

Building blocks are literally one of the simplest and most functional ways of getting your child’s mind to think strategically.  Traditionally, building blocks have always been an integral part of any child’s toy chest and Oops have made sure that with both their 30-piece and 80-piece collections, the most fun is had whilst learning. Hours […]

Oops is one of the world’s more forward-thinking baby development product companies and has been at the heart of stimulating little minds for many years. It is through sheer creativity and experience that this line has become one of the most popular brands in Europe, centred around certain slightly left-off-centre, quirky characters such as Mr […]

The Oops Stacking Black Sets, promote creativity, imagination and learning in your child with the latest range of Oops Stacking Block Sets. Available in gorgeous and entertaining themed ranges such as the Forest and the City, these collections of easy-grip blocks provide your little one with all the tools needed to satisfy curiosity, whilst having […]