The Chicco range of cutlery starts when your child first begins to accept a spoon. Beginning with the Silicone Spoon, perfectly suited to small mouths and delicate gums, to the older fork and spoon sets for when baby can start feeding themselves, gradually introducing metal child-sized cutlery for baby to eat just like the grown-ups.

Breast-feeding is a special time for mom and baby alike. It creates excellent bonding, and is a primary immunity-building mechanism, but above all else, is the best way to issue nutrition to an infant.  Yet it’s not always as simple as others would have us believe and most breast-feeding moms will admit to needing a […]

Chicco introduces the 2in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer. An easy, yet 99.9% effective sterilizer that uses the properties of steam to neutralize all known household germs within a matter of minutes. The sterilizer can handle not only feeding bottles, but also pacifiers and teething toys, due to its generous space capacity.