Did you know that you can influence your child’s taste buds from when you are pregnant? Starting much earlier than we realised, your baby gulps amniotic fluid in your womb and this healthy eating journey continues during breastfeeding, too. While these opportunities may have passed by the time you have a baby and toddler, it […]

The World Health Organization recommends that infants are introduced to solid foods from 6 months, in combination with milk feeds, to help meet their changing nutritional requirements. Soon thereafter, your baby will be eating pureed solids like a pro. And just like your baby progressed from rolling to sitting to crawling and standing, a similar […]

In a world where regular hand washing and sanitising, social distancing, and wearing of masks has become the new normal, so too is more attention being placed on the immune system than ever before. The immune system is the body’s natural defence, working 24/7 to protect our bodies from diseases and infections caused by invading […]

Just as your baby is learning how to eat solid food, so too will you be learning the skill to read your baby’s hunger and fullness cues. A healthy baby will eat without being coaxed and stop when full. Being responsive to your baby’s signs of hunger and fullness will help manage many frustrating mealtimes […]

Your baby is nearing six months and excitement starts to mount as you prepare to introduce solids for the first time. To help you navigate your way through this journey, here are a few top do’s and don’ts. DO: ● Even though milk alone may not meet your baby’s nutritional needs from 6 months, milk is […]

Your baby is nearing six months and excitement starts to mount as you prepare to introduce solids for the first time. This is often called first-foods (weaning) or complementary feeding, implying that foods complement milk at this stage of the weaning journey, instead of replacing it entirely. Even though milk alone may not meet your […]

The first bath. The first sleepover at granny. The first giggle. And now, the first taste of solid food. Initially babies only need milk (breast or formula) but as your baby grows the more proteins and minerals as well as thicker textures are needed, which is why the introduction of solid foods is crucial in […]

Is your toddler going through a [insert latest favourite food craze here] phase? Think about how they want to hear the same song on repeat and play with the same toy, all day, every day. Eating the same foods every day is just another version of this. So, while we can helplessly blame this on […]

As a first-time parent, you may have thought that the most challenging part of parenting would be the newborn stage. Little did you realize the trials you would face as you enter the toddler years. Little personalities coupled with big emotions and an inability to express themselves makes it feel like you are having a […]