Wouldn’t you like one less thing to worry about in your home? Especially now that you have a curious little one meandering around without a care about anything that could be dangerous. In a matter of seconds, your child could get into a potentially hazardous situation in the house. At Safety 1st, we have the […]

Babies may seem like simple beings, but they need a whole lot of gear to keep them safe and healthy. When you are pregnant, well-meaning friends and family are likely to give you lists of “must-have” products, covering everything from baby’s toiletries to feeding equipment and furniture. While some of these items may very well […]

New and expecting moms know that there is plenty to prepare in and around the home before baby’s arrival. From setting up a nursery to making sure you’ve stocked up on all the essentials, expecting moms go through plenty of effort to ensure a seamless transition to their new normal.  For the first few months, […]