There are so many things that can distract you from studying. Maybe you have low energy and can’t concentrate. Maybe you’re hungry and that’s pulling focus away from your work. Maybe you’re even struggling with your memory right now due to stress or depression. Food is a good and sustainable way to address all of […]

Have you ever found yourself sitting in an exam or test, knowing how hard you studied the night before, with a question in front of you that you simply just can’t remember the answer to? This happens to everyone, and it has nothing to do with how hard you did or didn’t prepare. What it’s […]

Studying is tough and many learners see it as one of the worst aspects of their lives. Most learners have the potential to excel at school, but most do not because of how unpleasant they find studying. For this reason, it is not enough to equip your child with the resources they need to study, […]

The world can be a busy and distracting place, lucky for us techniques and strategies like time blocking, timeboxing and task batching exists to help find calm amid the chaos and accelerate our productivity. Time blocking? Surely the average to-do list with a few boxes to tick would suffice. Time blocking is almost like a […]

Whether it’s prepping for a big exam or a small test, what and how you study is just as important as where you study. A curated and carefully set up space actually helps learners retain information better and faster. Why have a study space at all? Contrary to belief, an overly comfortable spot like say; […]

Yes, there are in fact effective study techniques that can help learners retain information better and they’re not based on fiction or chance, but years of scientific research. Study smarter not harder. We’ve all heard or read the saying at some point in our lives, but what does “studying smart” actually look and is there, […]

Technology and easy access to resources have made studying from anywhere a breeze but choosing a space to bunker down at can be subjective. So, think carefully about the variables involved when considering the library, café a friend’s house or your room. The right space can make all the difference. How does your environment affect […]

We’re on the constant lookout for ways in which we can be our most efficient and effective selves and hacks aren’t a new concept. We use them to keep up and outsmart the challenges life throws our way. And with multiple subjects and tasks on our list hacks to prep for exams are no exception […]

High school learners have a lot on their plate, especially during a time where everything has gone topsy turvy. Study habits have been broken new habits have crept in, and it can be difficult to get back to the way things were or even learn new ways of doing. Where do we even begin? Why […]

There’s no doubt that “online” has become the new norm for almost everything. From business meetings and work to entertainment and socialising. School curriculums are also no exception to the rule and extra school lessons have had to move from in-person tutoring to a more digital realm. But here’s why extra classes online aren’t all […]