Thinking about making a change to your child’s method of education? Or perhaps you have already decided to change to homeschooling, or what we prefer to call Independent Learning? This could be due to various reasons, some of which may include wanting to remove your kids from a negative school environment, to protect them from […]

Reflecting on the days of lockdown in South Africa and the rest of the world, it’s clear that education has undergone immense changes that will forever alter the way that our children learn. In our internet-connected age, adults have learned that they can work from anywhere in the world and that they don’t always need […]

Syllabis iPublish is a bimonthly educational digital magazine published by Syllabis Education. Syllabis iPublish target audience is children/teens and parents, with a focus on education, innovation, and personal development. Its first issue was launched in February 2022 under the original title iPublish. The e-publication allows anyone, anywhere to submit article content based on the following […]

Independent learning is a method or learning process where learners have ownership and control of their learning – they learn by their own actions and direct, regulate, and assess their education. The independent learner can set goals, make choices, and decisions about how to meet his learning needs, take responsibility for constructing and carrying out his […]

Are you one of those parents who have been toying with the idea of homeschooling your child? You want to do it…but you don’t want to do it! You find yourself wishing you were a fly on the wall in your colleague or friends’ house to see what homeschooling is really like and how it […]

Writers love competitions. There’s the creative stimulus of an interesting prompt, the promise of kudos and validation, and of course publication and prizes. The Syllabis iAfrikana contest is a new writing competition, writing short stories and poetry with a focus on the African bushveld. It launches in January 2022 and runs to final submissions with […]

For those parents out there who’s children are already distance learning, or those of you that are considering distance learning as an answer for your child’s educational needs, we are sharing some insight about the amazing value-added products and platforms that we offer. We can’t deny that homeschooling requires a certain level of independence and […]

Home-schooling is a progressive movement around the world, in which learners are educated at home instead of in traditional public or private schools where methods have hardly changed in over a century. To give you an idea; in only 2020 was the ‘Chalkboard’ replaced by a ‘Smartboard’ in a few privileged schools only 2021– the […]

Will the education of today be the education of tomorrow? Educators must reflect upon current practices and policies and identify ways to transform education to address a myriad of challenges in an increasingly complex world. If we are to prepare pre-primary and primary-aged children for their future, we can no longer rely on traditional education […]

A common concern when it comes to homeschooling is whether kids will be ready to navigate the ‘real world’ when it comes time to enter it. People who are uninformed about homeschooling, as well as people who are interested in homeschool as an educational alternative, and even homeschoolers themselves might wonder how they can ensure […]