In the ever-evolving landscape of medical advancements, securing the future health of your family has become more accessible than ever. CryoSave, a leading name in stem cell preservation, offers a comprehensive and streamlined process for parents looking to safeguard their child’s health through the preservation of umbilical cord blood and tissue. Let’s take a closer […]

In the rapidly evolving field of medical science, the importance of stem cells in treating various diseases and conditions cannot be overstated. For expecting parents, the decision to bank their baby’s stem cells is a significant step towards securing the health and well-being of their child. CryoSave South Africa emerges as a distinguished choice for […]

Over the past three decades, the field of cord blood stem cell therapy has witnessed remarkable progress, with more than 40,000 successful transplants worldwide. These transplants have emerged as transformative treatments for various medical conditions, particularly blood disorders, inherited metabolic disorders, and immunodeficiency syndromes. As the therapeutic landscape continues to expand, cord blood stem cells […]

The decision to bank your baby’s cord blood stem cells is a significant one, offering potential health benefits for both the child and their siblings. Understanding the intricacies of stem cell matching and the role these cells play in medical treatments is crucial for making an informed choice about storing this precious resource. Who Can […]

Stem cell storage is more than just a medical choice; it’s a step towards securing your family’s well-being. With the promise of potential treatments and the assurance of peace of mind, let’s explore ten vital reasons why storing your child’s stem cells is a decision worth considering. Reason #1: Collection at Birth – a once-in-a-lifetime […]

At CryoSave we understand that becoming a parent comes with financial strain. That is why we offer flexible pricing options, structured to your needs.” as this will give an indication that even though there is so much benefit, CryoSave makes it easier in terms of cost.  Below is a breakdown and explanation of the costs […]

Some of the earliest decisions that parents face, can be amongst the most challenging. The choices that parents must make before and after the birth of their baby can have long-term implications for their future health. These days, one of these major decisions includes whether to collect and store the cord blood and tissue of […]

As parents with a newborn on the way, nothing is more valuable than your child’s health. The umbilical cord functions as the baby’s support throughout pregnancy, by connecting them to the placenta. It serves as a source of oxygen, providing them with nutrition and antibodies. The umbilical cord, cord tissue, and placenta have historically been […]