Being pregnant is an exciting time of your life, but it can be a little daunting.  Morning sickness is one of the aspects of pregnancy that can be difficult to deal with. It is estimated that over 70% of women deal with nausea and vomiting to some degree. The name morning sickness is also misleading, […]

Staying active during your pregnancy is another important way of staying healthy. Not only is exercise good for you physically, but it helps relieve stress, improve sleep and boost your mood. However, being pregnant, especially later on in your pregnancy, means that you’ll need to consider what exercise you’re doing. Contact and high-risk sports are […]

Breast changes within a pregnant woman are truly incredible. The topic of breast development is one which is grossly misunderstood. Most women have an incorrect knowledge of how their own body develops. For most of ladies, it is assumed that by the time they have gone through puberty, that their breasts are fully developed. But […]

As a mother, I only want to put the best baby nappies on my little one’s bottom. As a nurse, I understand the importance thereof. The super absorbent core and extra depth double leak guards feature are the heart and soul of our Hi Baby Premium Nappies and Pull Ups. A super absorbent nappy core […]

The inspiration for our children’s clothing shop began when I started my 1st job at one of the major SA Retail Head office in the late 90’s. I have experience in the setting of specifications on the technical requirements of the production of garments. And my experience includes the development of innovative standards and methods […]

Pumping breast milk to store it for later use is a fantastic way to prolong your breast feeding, specifically for mothers that are going back to work or who need to be separated from their baby. The storage of milk allows you time to be away from your baby and still have breast milk for […]

If you’re expecting your first baby you’ve probably read up a little (or a lot) on pregnancy and birth process. Labour is something you’ve probably wondered about and seeing as every pregnancy is different, many moms experience different labour signs. However, there are a few tell-tale signs to look out for that you are about […]

In the year of its 60th anniversary, the acclaimed Swiss manufacturer releases the new version of Swing MaxiTM, its iconic double electric breast pump. The updated product has been designed to fit the needs of mums across all aspects of their life, with features that empower them to live life as a mother to the […]