Breast changes within a pregnant woman are truly incredible. The topic of breast development is one which is grossly misunderstood. Most women have an incorrect knowledge of how their own body develops. For most of ladies, it is assumed that by the time they have gone through puberty, that their breasts are fully developed. But […]

There are a few baby feeding myths in circulation, which will definitely be forced on you as a new parent. However, this is where we step in to help you separate the fact from the fiction. Take a look below to see our top baby feeding myths and how we have debunked them for you! […]

Returning to work need not be cause for anxiety or a reason to abandon breastfeeding. Carefully managed you can make the transition seamlessly. Here are 4 tips to make breastfeeding whilst going back to work easier: Consider when you are going back to work The age of your baby when you return to work will […]

Pumping breast milk to store it for later use is a fantastic way to prolong your breast feeding, specifically for mothers that are going back to work or who need to be separated from their baby. The storage of milk allows you time to be away from your baby and still have breast milk for […]

In the year of its 60th anniversary, the acclaimed Swiss manufacturer releases the new version of Swing MaxiTM, its iconic double electric breast pump. The updated product has been designed to fit the needs of mums across all aspects of their life, with features that empower them to live life as a mother to the […]

When it comes to feeding baby, mom knows best. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another and the saying “fed is best” rings true.  Human breast milk is biologically designed to meet all baby’s nutritional needs and being so valuable, it’s often referred to as “liquid gold.” But not all moms can or […]

It is completely normal for your breasts to become full, heavy and even painful when your milk comes in, when you have missed a feed, or when you have a sudden increase in your supply. Generally, this will last no longer then 24 hours (with the exception of milk coming in), the areola should remain […]

Breast leakage is something which many mothers fear. Whilst this is not a sure fire expectation for all moms who choose to breastfeed, it is more common than one would think. But fear not, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, if you know how to be prepared. Read on below to see how you […]