The ability to express breast milk is invaluable in supporting and prolonging breastfeeding with today’s busy lifestyles. Of course breastfeeding is all your baby needs, but many moms need or choose to express their milk at times to give them more flexibility. In the very early days expressing can help new moms get over any […]

With Breastfeeding Week taking place during 1-7 August, Philips AVENT is sharing their top breastfeeding accessories designed to support you through every step of your breastfeeding journey. Whether you want to develop your milk supply, take care of your breasts, or simply fit more into your day, Philips AVENT breast care accessories make breastfeeding easier. […]

The latest recommendations are to offer your baby nothing but breast for at least 6 months, for the healthiest start.  Many new mothers quite rightly relish this special time when their most important job is to feed and care for their child, and can easily commit to being there for every single feed. They may […]

Well done on continuing to breastfeed your baby!  By this stage many babies are becoming a little more efficient and may be taking less time to feed. This doesn’t mean your baby is taking less milk, just that he is getting bigger and stronger and you are becoming more confident and releasing your milk well. […]

If you are wondering what life post caesarean surgery is going to be like, this is the blog for you. We will be looking at how and when you will be able to start exercising again after your op, and what exercises may actually aid your recovery. Read on below now for these tips. Pelvic […]

Recently, the Twistshake Food Processor has been introduced to South Africa. This is a remarkable product and offers a 6 in 1 user experience. Take a look at everything you need to know about the Twistshake Food Processor below, and see why you should own one today. The 6 In 1 Functionality Of The Twistshake […]

Preparing for a Caesarean birth is a simple, but needed, process. As with a natural birth, there are a few simple tick boxes you will need to have in place for preparation of the arrival of your baby. Read on below now to get the gist of what to consider when leading up to your […]

The Upspring High Waist C-Panty is a great product for any women who has recently undergone a Caesarean. This is a must have for moms in recovery as it aids in this process. Read on below now to get the full scope of this product and why we recommend it to all C-section moms. Why […]

C-Section recovery is a much needed practice after welcoming your bundle of joy into the world. But where do you start? How can you begin to heal as a mom who’s jut delivered via Caesarean?  How Long Can You Expect A C-Section Recovery To Take? Generally, the expected recovery time for a C-section is around […]

C-section births are a hot topic within the parenting world. Some mother’s may elect to have these for various reasons, and schedule their caesarean. This is known as a planned (or elective) C-section. Other moms may need to have this procedure done, even though they have elected to give natural birth. This is commonly known […]