We’re so fortunate in South Africa as many of us have domestic employees to help us raise our children right and keep our homes and gardens in tip-top condition. Unfortunately, less than half of those domestic employees have the security of a formal work contract. This means that they could be unfairly disciplined or dismissed, […]

Did you know that, according to the Western Cape Department of Labour, less than half of South African households comply with the laws governing the employment of domestic workers? Because of this, many domestic workers are exploited by their employers. Newly launched local mobile app MiVoice aims to help break this cycle by managing domestic employee relationships […]

Being a parent’s not easy, especially if you’re trying to juggle work commitments and time demands. Fortunately, for many South African parents, there are domestic employees who help you keep all those balls in the air. And now, there’s another home helper: MiVoice, a powerful, all-in-one app that lets you effectively manage your domestic staff. […]