While academics are often seen as the hallmark of any good school, a pupil will not achieve to his or her potential unless they are encouraged, believed-in and supported.  At the outset, you should look for a school that will nurture and care for your child as a first priority, one that meets your child […]

85 percent of a child’s brain development has already taken place by the age of six.   Children who participate in quality pre-school education reach higher levels of education, are less likely to drop out of school, and have lower chances of needing learner support later on in their school careers.  Children aged three to […]

As children grow and develop, certain milestones are used as a basic measurement tool. When they are babies, these milestones tend to be more physical in nature: is your child sitting, smiling, crawling, saying simple words? As children get older, parents and teachers look for things like reading and language skills, understanding numbers, catching a […]