Every one of us has lost sleep at some point over the possibility of experiencing a significant adverse event that could have an impact on our stability and security. Evolution has ingrained it on us that we need to always be prepared for calamity to strike. In our modern world such an event might include […]

Financial stress is taking a heavy toll on South Africans, with about 54% unable to make their money stretch to month-end. It is impacting their own mental health, along with constant worry about the health of their loved ones. These findings in a recent Sanlam survey conducted by Ova to You, highlights the imperative to […]

As South Africans, our experience with money is probably as diverse as our population. Unfortunately, the significant gaps in understanding basic financial concepts continue to be a barrier to living the lives we deserve. This makes taking a one-size-fits-all approach to financial education as effective as trying to build a house using only a hammer. […]

Most people’s expenses exceed their income. That is according to a recent poll by popular parenting platform ‘Momsays’.  Just 25.8% are managing to save consistently. More than 40% don’t save at all. Many families are feeling stretched and stressed right now, which makes it more important than ever to play open cards, pull together, and […]

7 year-old Nic Kolisi is saving for a car. Not just a remote control one; a real car as well! Although, having done the maths with mom, Rachel Kolisi, on how long he’ll need to save for him to reach his R100 000 target, he’s now having a slight crisis in confidence and focusing on the […]

This National Savings Month, Sanlam has launched its Sanlam Savings Jar  – an interactive app that introduces children to the wonder of saving. The free, first-of-its-kind app helps little ones start a journey of financial confidence by setting them on the path to savvy savings habits for life.  Children become young dragon masters embarking on a fantastical quest. The more they […]