In times of rapid, constant transformation and with unprecedented challenges that need urgent solutions, the demand for innovation and creative thinking skills in 21st Century workplaces has never been more pronounced. As industries shift towards adaptability and agility, the ability to foster creativity in our young generations becomes an important investment in the workforce of […]

For the longest time, education systems have changed at the proverbial glacial pace.  However, the rapidity of change in every other human-made system over the past few decades has put education under excruciating pressures to transform, to keep up and prove that it is fit-for-purpose in the modern world.  Education in South Africa is undergoing […]

The final exam season of the year is almost here, and it’s not unusual for a sense of dread to creep in.  It’s not just the learners who are under duress; exam time can be stressful for families and the school community.  Parents and teachers want to provide the right support, but it’s not always […]

Although machine learning and AI models have been built into many of the apps and platforms we have been using for years, we’re having a different kind of AI moment in 2023.  Natural language processing and computer vision models such as OpenAI’s ChatGTP and DALL_E have put AI tools directly into the people’s hands, and […]

With the world facing an uncertain future of work, there’s a question on many parents’ minds: “Is my child actually learning the skills they need for the 21st Century?”  AI models are increasingly taking over a wide range of routine tasks and vast resources of facts and know-how are now available to us in a […]

The recent explosion of AI into our daily life is testimony to how fast our world can change, and how thoroughly it can be disrupted.  AI has already profoundly changed how schools need to think about assessments.  Within two months of becoming available to any internet user, AI language model ChatGPT attracted 100 million users.  […]

Every year, more and more South African children are enrolled in an online school, bringing changes to their family’s rhythms and routines.  It’s important for parents to set their child up for success, and here are 7 top tips from Koa Academy’s Principal and Co-founder, Mark Anderson: Quality tech – “It’s important to equip your […]

As a fellow school principal, I feel that it is important to join the ongoing conversation about the state of online schooling in South Africa.  Recently, there’s been a series of investigative articles about one school in particular, but there has also been widespread coverage about a principals’ report which issued a stark, sweeping warning […]

They are not all the same.  These are the must-ask questions for the school leader, which we put to Koa Academy’s Principal Mark Anderson: 1.            What is the child to teacher ratio? Mark: Koa has small Pods with a maximum of 8 children to one teacher. We believe that this is essential in the online […]

As learners across the country prepare for and write their last Grade assessments of the year, there are a lot of parents who are dealing with children overwhelmed with high levels of anxiety.  Test anxiety is a real thing, and because the traditional South African assessment approach is to have learners write lots of tests, […]