Online schooling is on the rise in South Africa, and more families are opting for the flexibility and other benefits of at-home learning.  However, it’s important for parents to be mindful of providing a child-friendly workspace that is conducive to learning.  A safe, comfortable and well-organised environment is essential for your child to thrive at […]

In 2020, across the world, many families had an extraordinary experience of online schooling as the pandemic shut down brick-and-mortar schools for extended periods.  All things were far from equal.  Many low-income families didn’t have the data and devices to get their children properly connected; while the middle-class and up could make a much easier […]

The pandemic years shut down a lot, but also created unexpected openings and many digital escalations. For instance, school choice has been irrevocably changed across the world.  Online school may not be the solution for every child, or every family, but many got a taste for the greater flexibility and wider scope in education that […]

At a recent Koa Academy & Fully Alive webinar for parents, Koa Academy Principal, Mark Anderson took a deep-dive into what schools need to be doing now to prepare our kids for a future of work that is ever-changing and deeply uncertain. He says, “As parents and grandparents, we were schooled in times when the […]

Most working parents are impacted by the rapid transformations and disruptions in the world of work. Tech innovations have turned some industries to ashes, while ushering in new behemoths.  There are already multitudes of brand-new career paths; and even the most perennial of careers are getting digital makeovers.  So rapid and relentless is this change […]

School years are all about preparing our kids for the real world, where one day, they will work and hopefully, thrive.  With rapid rate of continual tech advancements, it’s become harder to feel certain about the shape and substance of the ‘real-world’ that our kids will soon inhabit.  There are already multitudes of new career […]

Conventional classroom teaching is based on the teacher as content provider directed at the middle. However, because there are so few kids that ever truly ‘fit the average’, most of us parents have experienced worries and frustrations when our kids are either out ahead on their own and bored, or left behind.  As Maths learning […]

It’s not just kids, many parents have ‘Maths anxiety’.  While, the importance of Maths education is all but universally recognized, if you’re a parent who is not confident about your own Maths abilities, you’re likely to be feeling some stress around how you support your child in mastering Maths.  You may even doubt whether it […]

We’re in the midst of a seismic change in the world of work.  We’ve seen tech disruption so far eliminate industries, transform others and usher in brand-new ones.  Many working parents have experienced this first-hand. We expect emerging and evolving technologies to continue their innovation and disruption at an ever-escalating pace.  Advances in the early […]

SAMA-nominated hitmaker, Majozi, takes to the stage in SA education this year as Koa Academy’s Head of Culture. Appreciated for his warmth and humanity, we sat down with Majozi so that SA parents can get to know him better: What was your favourite subject in school, and why? “It was history. The other subjects didn’t […]