Neurodivergent young people often face a range of challenges related to variances in sensory processing. Some students may be hypersensitive, meaning that they take in far more stimuli than other students. For example, they may perceive noises or lights to be excessively bright. Behaviour related to sensory avoidance may arise from this.  Some students, however, […]

A growing area of interest in the speech therapy profession is Gestalt language processing. Gestalt language processors are children who learn language in a way that is different from analytical language learners. Rather than learning to make sounds, then words and then sentences like analytical language learners, these children learn whole phrases first. “For those […]

Veteran educator Rauri Maarman is set to take over the reins as Principal of The Bridge Assisted Learning School in Lonehill as of November 1 this year. Maarman has more than 20 years’ of experience as an educator and leader in education and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and a passionate vision for […]

Choosing the best school for your child is one of the most important decisions a parent must make. This decision, while exciting, can also be a daunting and pivotal moment for both you and your child, and is a deeply personal one. It involves the exploration of your child’s passions and potential. While academic excellence […]

Challenges related to emotional regulation are becoming increasingly common among children in today’s society. Emotional regulation refers to a child’s ability to manage their emotions in a socially acceptable way, including the ability to delay immediate responses or use alternative responses. But many parents and educators aren’t readily able to identify whether a child’s behaviour […]

Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of parents today have children who require additional assistance academically, emotionally or both. For these parents, concerns are never far away that their child will battle in the world of the future, and that they might not ultimately achieve personal and career success. But an educational psychologist says parents […]

There are few tools as valuable as setting goals and constantly measuring a student’s progress against these goals in ensuring a successful academic journey, an education expert says. However it is not enough to have vaguely defined ideas of what success will look like down the line. Instead, parents, students, teachers and schools must have […]

The Bridge Assisted Learning School in Lonehill, which opened in 2018 and rapidly became one of the top Neurodiversity-specialist schools, is expanding due to the high demand for its unprecedented support provided to students throughout their academic journey. In 2021 the school started phasing in its high school offering, and the first Grade 10 group […]

What does assisted learning mean? The child will still follow a mainstream curriculum, but will be assisted in the following ways: The manner of the teaching of a lesson. The experience or qualifications of the teacher. Accommodations or concessions: Reader, scribe, extra time, prompt, devices – apps. Neurodiversity Neurodiversity is an approach to learning and […]